There is a great deal of information announcing larger layoffs of over 500 people floating around on the web and in print media, but I see that there is less information on smaller layoffs of under 500 people, at least on the larger MSM sites. This blog is going to try and list as many layoff announcements as possible in order to show the extensive amount of job loss that is occurring during this recession, which hopefully doesn’t turn into a depression. 

There are a number of sites that I will link to that show a more realistic version of the country’s unemployment situation. Government unemployment numbers should be viewed through rose-colored glasses, since they don’t reflect true unemployment of many types of workers, including workers who have given up looking for a new job, part-time workers who want to work full-time, and others that will be listed once I gain further knowledge.  The criteia used by the government to determine employment status is available at:

For readers, I hope the site can be used to list their company’s layoffs, the reasons why they had layoffs and what the future looks like at these companies. Thanks for any input you want to offer on how I can make this site more useful. Let’s get started. Mike

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