This Monday morning’s layoff articles are few, but here are a few with more to come later once companies open their doors for business:

Mass. job seekers finding ‘an abyss’
“It’s really tough out there,” said Anastos, of Ipswich, declining to name her former company. “It’s like your resume falls into an abyss.”

CAMI Automotive, a joint venture of General Motors and Suzuki, has announced that it intends to lay off 600 workers at its facility in Ingersoll, Ontario as North American auto sales continue to decline.

What affects Canada affects the US and vice versa. More news to follow later this morning.

On a lighter note, if you are a Nets fan, and who isn’t, you can catch a free game with that unemployment stub:

Out of work? Come see the Nets for free

The flood gates are beginning to open:

Citigroup to cut another 53,000 jobs

If you have to be bailed out by the taxpayer and then have to layoff 50,000, you don’t deserve  a bonus.  

NY attorney general urges Citigroup executives to forgo bonuses this year; cites layoffs

Report: JPMorgan Chase may cut more than 3,000 jobs,0,4394715.story

2009 proposed Toledo budget will deliver deep cuts, job losses

Philips Healthcare considers job cuts under restructuring

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