I’m amazed that our elected reps are spending so much time with the auto industry CEOs, who had to fly to DC in separate private jets, but haven’t had the time to consider extending unemployment benefits.  The show must go on while those affected by unemployment continue to suffer.

Since this is site reviews some rather tragic news, it may be wise for me to post a little humor and a few notable quotes to put this all in perspective:

Sorry about the lateness of this post, but here are the latest announcements:

Georgia economy bleaker than thought:

Dhawan projected a net loss of 75,100 jobs for calendar 2008 and another 72,000 job losses in 2009, making total losses from the second quarter of 2008 to the end of 2009 170,000 jobs, or 4 percent of the state’s employment level.


Texas is just behind the curve, since the oil price crash will eventually crash employment:

In the September Texas Workforce Commission report, Waco had a 4.8 percent unemployment rate, slightly below the Texas rate of 5.1 percent. The Texas unemployment rates for October will be released Friday and Waco is expected to follow the national upward trend.

“We don’t have the exact numbers yet, but our numbers of job seekers are up slightly over the last few months. It looks like things are trending up lately,” said David Davis, assistant one-stop director for the Heart of Texas Workforce Solution.


It’s better to be aware of what may happen than be surprised:

9 Layoff Signs to Watch For


Union Institute to lay off seven


School districts have a tough time cutting costs and especially positions. But even the school industrial complex has to cut in these hard times:

Clarendon 1 approves layoff, discusses behavior questionnaire


Jonesville Village Manager Adam Smith said he was able to speak with Daniel Monday morning to clarify some of statements made in a letter sent to employees last Wednesday. Smith said Daniel indicated the layoff of more than 300 workers was due to the state of the automotive industry and at this time the plant would not close.


HealthMarkets Inc. is saying that the insurer will lay off 13 percent of its work force.

The Richland Hills-based company has 1,700 employees, which means the layoff will impact about 220 staff members.


When layoffs hit the good ol’ boys of NASCAR, you know that things are getting tough in advertising and Joe Six Packs wallet:

Petty Enterprises has laid off 30 employees.  Haas CNC racinghas laid off 16 people


The revenge of Hurricane Ike continues:

GALVESTON —The University of Texas Medical Branch campus, where a chorus of ambulance sirens once was constant and thousands of workers conducted the daily business of keeping a 550-bed hospital running, was somber and quiet Tuesday as the first of 3,000 people learned they no longer had jobs.







The economic downturn is being blamed on a temporary layoff at one of Ogdensburg’s biggest industries. ACCO Brands will be shutting down its office products facilities for a one week period, from January 2 through 9. Officials say 300 employees will be affected.


APPLETON, Wis., Nov 19, 2008 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Miller Electric Mfg. Co. today announced plans to eliminate 95 jobs, or approximately six percent of its 1,500-person workforce.


SEATTLE – More carnage on the job front as Seattle-based Washington Mutual employees brace for layoffs.


BOYDTON — HealthCare on the Square took steps last week to strengthen its financial position during tough economic conditions by laying off nine employees, officials said.


CA is going to have to have a number of temporary layoffs due to crumbling state and local budgets:

WATSONVILLE — Close to 300 city workers will be home for the holidays if the City Council approves a six-day unpaid furlough next month.


I don’t think that laying off those in the citizen protection business is the best way to save money:

CINCINNATI — Budget cuts in Hamilton County will lead to the release of 472 prisoners and the layoff of 201 employees in the Sheriff’s department, according to Sheriff Simon Leis.


The housing bust takes more victims:

Spokesman Todd Weber said the company cut 73 administrative positions at its corporate headquarters, a move affecting kitchen and bath and corporate operations.

He said the layoffs come as Kohler is “still dealing with the prolonged housing slump and severely weakened economy that has resulted in lower levels of sales.”


Winston-Salem, NC — A North Carolina textile company says it is laying off white collar workers in its home city as part of a cutback that includes closing a yarn plant elsewhere in the state.

Hanesbrands Inc. announced Tuesday cuts of 210 corporate and management jobs across the company, including 155 positions in Winston-Salem.


The Kokomo Tribune reports today that about 1,500 employees at Indiana Transmission Plant I & II are on temporary layoff this week due to decreased demand for transmissions, Chrysler spokesman Mary Beth Halprin confirmed.


NEWARK — Universal Veneer Mill Corp. announced Tuesday it laid off 48 production employees Friday at its Tamarack Road facility, which produces and sells veneer.


Time Inc. – Executive shuffles and layoff news have become a daily occurrence at Time Inc., which also is slashing some 600 people, or 6 percent of its total headcount of 10,200, as it, like the rest of the publishing industry, struggles to weather the economic storm.


Another housing bubble location gets a taste of economic reality:

WOODBRIDGE, Va. – Hit hard by foreclosures and the economic downturn, leaders in Prince William County voted Tuesday to cut the 2009 budget, cut property taxes and layoff employees.


200 jobs at stake: In fact, the chief executive of Corry-based Erie Plastics, the man whose father founded the company in 1960, didn’t want it to end at all.






But in just a few months, the lights at the Route 6 plant will likely go out and the company’s remaining employees will be out of work.


One of the few groups cheering this financial disaster has to be low grade criminals. I wonder why these same criminals were so dangerous when the money pot was full? The prison industrial complex (similar to the school industrial complex) is designed to keep prisoners since the more prisoners they have, the more money they can demand. But when the money pot runs dry, they need to cut their budgets, which means releasing prisoners. A pathetic way to run a prison system:

Leis says that thanks to a $40 million budget deficit for the county, he’s dealing with a $12 million cut in his operations and staff.  That means the Queensgate Jail will close, releasing nearly 500 prisoners.  It will also force the layoff of 115 corrections officers, four-dozen sheriff’s deputies, and dozens of administration positions.  Those layoffs will force sheriff patrols to end in Anderson, Colerain, and Green Townships.


Jamestown Moraine warehouses prepare and deliver parts to the General Motors Moraine Assembly truck plant. When the GM plant closes for good on December 23, so will Jamestown Moraine. Sixty-four people will lose their jobs at the supplier, the last of a workforce that once numbered 200.

GM Moraine Assembly once employed about 5,000 people, churning out Chevrolet Trailblazer, GMC Envoy and even Saab SUVs. About 1,000 will clock out for the last time next month.


A North Charleston plant that makes display cabinets and fixtures for stores will close early next year, eliminating 110 jobs.


Plastics manufacturer Jarden Process Solutions in Fort Smith is closing and will lay off 93 workers.


WICHITA, Kan. (AP) – A heavy equipment maker is shutting down its Wichita plant for all of December and part of January.


Like ripples caused by a stone tossed in a pond, the announcement of Holcim’s closing has shown it will affect far more than the 181 employees who will lose their jobs at the Clarksville plant.


Fontaine announced Friday that it will close the military products plant in Princeton and consolidate its operations to Jasper, Ala., near the company headquarters in Haleyville, Ala. Fontaine operated in Princeton for about 10 years and employed as many as 116 earlier this year, Princeton Mayor Gale Cherry said. Published reports said the number had dropped to 67 in March and to 20 when the shutdown was announced.



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