Mike: Since the list of layoff announcements is getting larger by the day, I’ll do a weekend update instead of adding the weekend’s announcements to the Friday list.

Microsoft/Google/IBM News & Rumors


* SAI called IBM earlier this week about the reports, and was told the company doesn’t comment on “speculation.”

But at least one spokesman in IBM Canada has finally gone on the record.

itbusiness.ca: IBM Canada spokesman Mike Boden confirmed on Friday to CDN that a round of layoffs is underway at IBM, including at IBM Canada. According to Boden, no exact numbers on the scope of the cuts are being released at this time.

via IBM Finally Admits: Yes, We’re Laying People Off (IBM).


* IBM Canada spokesman Mike Boden confirmed on Friday to ITBusiness.ca that a round of global layoffs is underway at IBM, including at IBM Canada. According to Boden, no exact numbers on the scope of the cuts are being released at this time.

“We’re not releasing numbers by site,” said Boden. “There’s no single area being targeted. As part of ongoing business operations at IBM we’re trying to manage the resources and skills we have so we’re ready and able to meet current and future client needs.”

via IBM Confirms Layoffs – PC World.


* Lee Conrad, a former IBM employee who now is national coordinator of Endicott, N.Y.-based Alliance@IBM, said the layoffs currently appear to be happening primarily in two IBM units: its software group, and its sales and distribution operations. But Conrad said he expects the cuts to spread to other units in the coming weeks……..

Unlike Microsoft, Sun and other technology vendors that have announced layoffs recently, IBM is being reticent about describing its workforce actions and the reasons for them. “We are not going to discuss specific numbers or locations,” IBM spokesman Doug Shelton said in a statement, adding that company officials expect some of the affected workers to find other jobs within IBM and that they’re “helping them with that effort.”

via Union: IBM layoff count nearing 3,000 this week.


* Severance and benefits for laid off Microsoft employees

Posted by Benjamin J. Romano

Microsoft is trying to ease the blow of layoffs to 1,400 people who were notified today. Their job responsibilities end Friday and, according to a WARN notice filed with the state, their layoff will be official on March 23. “The adjustments announced today impact Microsoft’s global operations, so employee Notification and the last day for individuals outside of the US will vary based on local laws,” a spokeswoman said in an e-mail.

via Microsoft Pri0 | Severance and benefits for laid off Microsoft employees | Seattle Times Newspaper Blog.


* Senator: Microsoft should cut foreign guests before Americans

In a letter made public today, Sen. Charles Grassley of Iowa addresses Microsoft’s layoffs and asks CEO Steve Ballmer to give Americans preference over foreign guest workers brought to the country under the H-1B visa program.

via TechFlash: Seattle’s Technology News Source.


* Microsoft should have made deeper cuts, analysts contend

The unprecedented layoffs and other cutbacks announced yesterday by Microsoft haven’t appeased Wall Street. Microsoft shares are down more than 6 percent since the news came out, and some analysts assert that the company needed to go much further.

“We believe the negative stock reaction may have had more to do with a head-fake regarding expense control than the weak results,” JP Morgan analyst John DiFucci wrote. “Management discussed the need to concentrate on running the organization more efficiently through expense reductions, but net/net, there were none. Operating expenses will increase in the second half from a year ago.”

via Microsoft should have made deeper cuts, analysts contend – TechFlash: Seattle’s Technology News Source.




General Economic News


Mike: It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to determine that if you are making $300 a week in unemployment benefits, you aren’t going to be able to afford family health insurance at a cost of $800 – $1000 a month. If any readers of  this blog have had difficult times paying for health care while laid off, please post them to the comments section. I’d like to start a campaign to send to our clueless leaders that keeping health insurance when laid off is difficult for all and impossible for many.

Only about one in 10 workers who lose their job opt to keep their employer-sponsored health insurance through the safety-net program COBRA, most likely because the premiums are too expensive, according to an analysis released Friday by the Commonwealth Fund, a private foundation that supports independent research on health care issues.

Experts worry that the highest unemployment rate in 16 years, combined with a health care system dependent on employer-sponsored health insurance, is a recipe for disaster, and will swell the ranks of the uninsured particularly if people aren’t using COBRA. About 46 million people in the United States (18 percent of those under 65) lacked health insurance in 2007.

via Few laid-off workers keep health insurance, report says – CNN.com.


Mike: The following shows how the $350 bailout was used and abused by those seeking its safety. As stated below, it’s doubtful that congress will do anything about these corrupt thieves, since they are so intertwined with their lobbiest brethren

* Merrill Lynch Execs Paid Themselves $15 Billion on $21.5 Billion in Losses in 2008

No wonder John Thain was sacked. On the surface it appears that he and his management were ‘hiding’ or at best unaware of enormous losses that were only revealed after they were purchased by the Bank of America, and the recipient of enormous amounts of government funds.

And to make matters worse, they continued to pay themselves huge salaries and bonuses for the year despite those losses.

It will be interesting to see if there is any meaningful investigation of this. We doubt it very much. The Democratic leadership have shown themselves to be a lot of noise and little meaningful action so far, and almost all the Republicans are outrageous hypocrites. Such is the state of the deep capture of the government.

via Jesse’s Café Américain: Merrill Lynch Execs Paid Themselves $15 Billion on $21.5 Billion in Losses in 2008.


* Pfizer push to acquire Wyeth could cost thousands of jobs

Analysts say that if an accord is reached, cuts would hit Wyeth harder. It employs 5,000 in the Phila. region.

via Pfizer push to acquire Wyeth could cost thousands of jobs | Philadelphia Inquirer | 01/24/2009.


* Another big round of layoffs is expected at Starbucks, possibly 1,000 people — a third of its headquarters employees — and some district managers and field employees, according to an e-mail sent to a stock brokerage’s customers Friday.

“The cuts might be next week or in February,” wrote Diane Daggatt, a managing director at McAdams Wright Ragen in Seattle.

via Business & Technology | More layoffs expected at Starbucks | Seattle Times Newspaper.


* Thousands of restaurant workers could face layoffs in coming months, according to a recent survey of restaurant owners.

More than half of restaurant owners and managers who responded to a recent Washington Restaurant Association member survey said they expect to lay off staff in the first half of 2009. With 13,000 restaurants in Washington, the number of laid-off restaurant workers could easily exceed 6,900, the trade group’s Chief Executive Officer Anthony Anton said.

via Restaurant layoffs seen in Washington state – Puget Sound Business Journal (Seattle): .


* The unemployment rate in California soared to 9.3 percent last month – its highest point in 15 years – as construction firms, hotels, restaurants, casinos and amusement parks laid off workers in response to the widening recession.

via California jobless rate soars.


[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.774908&w=425&h=350&fv=link%3Dhttp%253A%252F%252Fwww%252Ecbsnews%252Ecom%252Fvideo%252Fwatch%252F%253Fid%253D4751382n%26partner%3Dnews%26vert%3DNews%26autoPlayVid%3Dfalse%26releaseURL%3Dhttp%3A%2F%2Frelease.theplatform.com%2Fcontent.select%3Fpid%3DvYU8HRse5I_8UEex6NgbwI3b2oAAvNgs%26name%3DcbsPlayer%26allowScriptAccess%3Dalways%26wmode%3D]

more about “Jobless Claims Squeeze States Video -…“, posted with vodpod



Mike: Hopefully this is a trend that catches on with other hospitals, especially since so many no longer have health insurance.

* YORK, Maine — In what could be the first of its kind in the country, a new York Hospital program offers patients an opportunity to receive health care and pay for it over time without interest.

The new “10 to Spend” program targets patients who, beginning Jan. 1, have to meet a new set of deductibles before their health insurance kicks in. Patients who receive services at the hospital between Jan. 1 and April 1 will be able to spread out payments at no interest over a 10-month period.

via York Hospital offers services at zero interest.


Jerry Holbert - Jan 23

Jerry Holbert - Jan 23



Municipal News


* ACCOMAC — The Accomack County School Board will hold a public hearing Feb. 3 on its proposed $43.9 million operating budget for 2009-2010, which could include the elimination of almost 66 positions.

via Schools could cut 66 jobs from staff | delmarvanow.com | The Daily Times.


* SACRAMENTO, CA – Sacramento County has a $42.3 million mid-year budget shortfall. One of the options to be proposed to the Board of Supervisors next month is $8.8 million worth of cuts to a variety Health and Human Services and Probation departments. If those cuts are approved, 198 employees will be out of jobs.

via 198 Jobs on the Line in Sacramento County | News10.net | Sacramento, California | News .


* Funding shortfalls tied mostly to declining student enrollment will force the Sturgis school district to cut the equivalent of eight full-time teachers next school year.

via Rapid City Journal | News » Local | Sturgis schools to cut teaching staff.


* Oakley Union Elementary School District officials had been hoping to avoid layoffs but are now saying that will be nearly impossible as the district faces a projected $2.9 million deficit for 2009-10.

District Superintendent Rick Rogers said the state’s proposed five-day reduction of the school year and the elimination of class-size reduction rewards would probably force the district to lay off classified and certificated employees.

via Oakley teachers told to expect layoffs – ContraCostaTimes.com


* SANTA CRUZ — County services, from public health to road maintenance, are expected to take their biggest hits in years as county administrators anticipate a 20 percent reduction in spending over the next year and a half, including some 250 layoffs.

via County expects 250 layoffs, cuts to health, road, park services – Santa Cruz Sentinel.


* If Salinas city workers .don’t agree to voluntary pay cuts by March, 123 could be laid off, or many more could be furloughed, city manager Artie Fields, said Friday.

Layoff would include police and fire personnel, Fields said.

via Layoffs approaching for Salinas city staff, emergency personnel | thecalifornian.com | The Salinas Californian.


* NEW PORT RICHEY – Friday was the last day of work for nearly two dozen members of Pasco County’s permitting and building inspection offices.

via Decline In Fees Brings Layoffs For 22 Employees.


* Pummeled by a recession that has caused a sharp drop in the building industry and resulting tax revenues, Union County is cutting 78 positions from its 1,066-person workforce.


US and some Canada News –

Head NV Group, the parent company of the Head and Penn sports brands, is closing its tennis ball factory in Phoenix and moving those operations to China.

The factory will close in March, with 143 workers being fired. The Netherlands-based sports company has produced tennis balls in China since 2007 and continues to build that manufacturing presence. The company reported the layoffs to the Arizona Department of Economic Security.

Head to close Penn tennis ball factory in Phoenix, move jobs to China


* The Bay City area recently has seen the closing or announced closing of Andrews Fine Jewelers, at the Bay City Mall, and the Ruby Tuesday restaurant at 3898 State St., in Bangor Township.

Other announced closures include the Hampton 5 movie theater in Hampton Township, the Memory Lane scrapbook store and Elite Repeat clothing shop in downtown Bay City and the Rivard’s Home Furnishing store in Kawkawlin Township.

Many business owners blame economic times that have reduced customers and cash flow needed to continue operating.

“If I could look ahead and thought I could ride it out, I would,” said Gary Colopy, owner of the Heart of Ireland retail store at 914 Washington Ave. “I think it’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better.”

via – Longtime Bay City businesses closing because of economy


* Glenncoe is a 160-truck carrier primarily serving B.C., Alberta and the Pacific Northwest U.S. truckload markets. A market impact study recently confirmed the regional economy is weakening rapidly and cast doubt whether there was enough business to sustain the carrier over the next few years.

Business in the Pacific market Glenncoe concentrated on is drying up, fleet owner says.

“We’re profitable at this point, but the long range will not be if we continue. So we decided to shut down properly and orderly,” Coe explains in an interview with todaystrucking.com. “The long-term does not look viable. This is a business decision and we have to do what’s right by our people.

via Today’s Trucking.com: The Truck News Site – Canadian website and magazine publishing information and content on truck news, trucking regulations, trucking industry, fleet management, owners/operators and the latest in trucking products and trucking services..


* Profits are up but traffic volume is down, so a lot of employees are being laid off by the Burlington Northern Sanfa Fe railroad – including 101 in Lincoln and 68 in Alliance…..

The railroad began layoffs about two weeks ago. On Wednesday, BNSF said it would layoff some 2,500 workers nationwide, representing 5 percent of its work force. BNSF said it has approximately 4,500 employees in Nebraska, including more than 1,800 in Lincoln, and 1,700 in Alliance. 

via NE StatePaper.com – BNSF Railroad Announces Layoffs Despite Higher-Than-Expected Profits.


Mike: The following announcement was posted earleir in the week, but due to it’s significance with food poisoning, I thought it wise to post again:

The South Georgia peanut butter plant linked to the national outbreak of salmonella has laid off most of its approximately 50 workers, a company spokesman said Friday.

Federal health officials have said the Peanut Corp. of America’s plant in Blakely is considered the sole source of the salmonella outbreak that has sickened more than 480 people in 43 states and may have contributed to six deaths.

via Workers laid off at Blakely plant | ajc.com.




* Advertising Roundup — 80 Laid Off at Starcom; 26 Laid Off at Ogilvy; Lamar Debt Makes Hedge Fund Rich; More …

via Advertising Roundup — 80 Laid Off at Starcom; 26 Laid Off at Ogilvy; Lamar Debt Makes Hedge Fund Rich; More … | BNET Advertising Blog | BNET.


* MASSENA — Many of the employees at the General Motors Powertrain plant who were looking forward to returning to work are instead permanently losing their jobs.

Because of the dismal economy, the plant has been closed since before Christmas, putting workers on temporary layoff. They were supposed to return to work Monday, GM officials announced in December.

According to the latest announcement, more than 100 of the plant’s remaining 156 employees will be finished at GM as of next week.

via Watertown Daily Times | Many GM workers’ layoffs permanent.


* Union employees at Alcoa Davenport Works learned Friday that the company-wide staff reductions will affect about 220 of them. However, it remains unclear exactly who will be laid off or when

via Alcoa to lay off 220 hourly employees in the Q-C / QCTimes.com.


* ROBSTOWN – The LCS Corrections Facility in Robstown has laid off 35 employees just three months after opening up.

Luckily, all but 15 of the corrections officers have picked up jobs with surrounding law enforcement agencies.

via Corpus Christi, TX | KRISTV.COM |LCS Corrections Facility Lays Off Several Employees


* Dartmouth College lost about 18 percent of its endowment when the stock market went south. The college implemented a hiring freeze and about 70 employees accepted early retirement. But that wasn’t enough. Thursday, the Ivy League school announced additional job cuts cannot be avoided. School officials are not yet saying how many jobs will be cut, or when the layoffs will occur.

via WCAX.COM Local Vermont News, Weather and Sports-Dartmouth Plans Job Cuts.


* The Orlando Opera laid off four staffers Thursday — 25 percent of its full-time work force.

The layoffs will save the company about $135,000 to $140,000 a year, including benefits, said Jim Ireland, the opera’s president and CEO.

via Opera lays off 4 staffers to cut costs — OrlandoSentinel.com


* West Bend manufacturer Serigraph Inc. has made its sec-ond cutback in as many months, permanently eliminating nine administrative posts and placing about 60 production workers on indefinite layoff.

via Serigraph cuts more jobs .


* Two North Coast sawmills are laying off employees, blaming a sagging economy that continues to depress home building and remodeling — two sources of demand for lumber.

via Sawmills announce layoffs as industry declines.


* BROOMFIELD – Two months after announcing plans to slash up to 18 percent of its work force, Sun Microsystems Inc. this week made the first round of cuts, giving layoff notifications to 1,300 employees, 195 of whom work locally.

via The Pueblo Chieftain :: Sun Micro lays off 195 in Broomfield


* Bank of New York Mellon Corp. began laying off an undisclosed number of workers in Pittsburgh this week, part of a previously reported plan to let go 1,800 employees worldwide in 2009, a spokesman confirmed Friday.

via BNY Mellon begins layoffs in Pittsburgh – Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.


* Besser International manufactures concrete pipe machinery. Between 20 and 30 people have been laid off from the Sioux City plant in the past few months, about 25% of the workforce. A company representative says they expect more cuts in the near future.      

In Yankton, South Dakota, Sapa Extrusions laid off 40 to 45 employees, about 15% of its workforce. The company’s general manager says orders at its aluminum extrusion plant are at historic lows. 

via KPTH FOX 44: Local News and Entertainment for Sioux City and Siouxland | Local Layoffs & Job Hunt Tips.


* LAKE CITY — Federal-Mogul Corporation began laying off some of its 500 workers at its Lake City facility earlier this month.

via Postbulletin.com: Rochester, MN.


* GARDEN GROVE – Crystal Cathedral’s executive pastor, who was brought on board by the church’s former senior pastor Robert A. Schuller, was let go this week because of financial issues, church administrators said.

via Crystal Cathedral has a round of layoffs | church, cathedral, schuller, pastor, mysse – News – OCRegister.com.


* Baxter Healthcare Corp. plans to lay off 43 employees from its plant in Largo by March 23.

via Baxter cuts jobs in Largo – Tampa Bay Business Journal: .


* Air Canada has quietly announced that it intends to temporarily lay off 345 flight attendants at the start of March.

As a result of the cuts, there will be one less flight attendant working in business class on each transatlantic flight.

via CTV.ca | Air Canada to lay off 345 flight attendants.


* DUBUQUE, Iowa – Dubuque Stamping & Manufacturing has laid off about 40 workers in the past few weeks, roughly 25 percent of its work force.

via Dubuque Stamping & Manufacturing lays off 40 — chicagotribune.com.


* Mid-market lender Madison Capital has laid off 7 employees, or 10% of its staff, Senior Managing Director Chris Williams confirmed to peHUB. The layoffs occurred yesterday on the heels of news that Dymas Capital, another Chicago-based middle market lender, had laid off 10 employees. Six deal pros remain at Dymas.

via peHUB » Madison Capital Lays Off 10%.


* RANTOUL – One hundred employees at Eagle Wings Industries in Rantoul will be laid off for two months, beginning Jan. 30, a company official said.

The layoff at the auto parts supplier is related to production at Mitsubishi Motors in Normal, which accounts for “a large percentage of our business,” said Lynette Brokate, Eagle Wings’ human resources supervisor.

via The News-Gazette.com: Auto parts supplier to lay off 100 for 2 months.


* The Stanford Graduate School of Business is implementing across-the-board cuts and reducing its workforce by about 12 percent, the Stanford Daily reports. The GSB predicts a $15 million shortfall, 10 percent of its total budget. Forty-nine staffers were laid off, eight were put on a reduced schedule, and 12 temporary positions were eliminated. Other expenses—such as travel, food, library services, printing, and marketing—were cut off.

via Stanford Business School Lays Off 12 Percent – The Paper Trail (usnews.com).


* A reader tells us:

Major layoffs at Universal Music Group on Friday.  People from every department were axed (there were a few departments spared, it seems, though).  From what I can tell, most of the major imprints were hit (IDJ, Universal Records).

via Hushed Layoffs At Universal Music Group?*.


* NewsChannel 15 has learned a Pee Dee plant is laying off workers for the second time in two months.

Officials with the South Carolina Department of Commerce tell us Ina Bearing of Cheraw plans to cut 108 jobs.

via Pee Dee plant layoffs : News : WPDE .


* KVII-TV, citing a poor economic environment, eliminated several positions Friday. The layoffs at the Amarillo television station are part of a broader work force reduction by Barrington Broadcasting, the Illinois-based parent company of the local ABC affiliate.

via – KVII cuts jobs


* The Waterloo Community Arts Centre, also known as the Button Factory, has laid off all but its general manager.

In an attempt to reduce costs and keep the arts centre open, the seven-member board voted to lay off four employees this month.

via TheRecord.com – Local – Arts centre lays off four of its five staff .


* SAN FRANCISCO-AMB Property Corp. on Friday said it will lay off 22% of its global workforce as part of an effort to reduce its cost structure “in a difficult global economic environment.” AMB is an industrial REIT that develops properties for sale to third parties or funds. The company employed 716 people at the end of September, 200 more than it employed at the start of the year. The layoffs are the first in the company’s history.

via AMB Cutting Global Workforce by 22%.


* CARLSBAD — Mosaic Potash has announced a two-week layoff for more than 200 of its hourly employees beginning Feb. 15.

via Layoffs at Mosaic – Carlsbad Current-Argus.


* WINONA — River Valley Newspaper Group, which includes the La Crosse Tribune and the Winona Daily News as well as eight weekly papers in the region, announced it had cut 10 positions Wednesday.

via Postbulletin.com: Rochester, MN.


* Caterpillar is in the process of laying off 140 workers from its Oswego Township plant, a union representative confirmed Friday.

The eliminated positions run across the spectrum of Caterpillar’s hourly employees, covering a wide variety of jobs, according to Jim Steele, bargaining chairman for United Auto Workers 145, based in Montgomery. Local 145 has approximately 2,050 workers in the plant located off Route 31 near Aurora, Steele said.

via Caterpillar lays off 140 at Kendall plant :: Beacon News :: Local News.


* All-terrain vehicle and snowmobile maker Arctic Cat (ACAT.O) slashed about 100 jobs, or 7 percent of its workforce, as part of its cost-cutting efforts amid challenging economic conditions.

via UPDATE 1-Arctic Cat cuts 7 pct of workforce | Markets | Markets News | Reuters .


* MUSCATINE, Iowa — The Stanley Foundation of Muscatine announced Friday it’s laying off six of its 24 full-time employees.

via MuscatineJournal.com | Stanley Foundation lays of 1/4 of full-time workforce.


* ThyssenKrupp AG will delay the opening of its stainless steel operation at Calvert for about a year, until October 2010, stalling construction spending as part of a companywide effort to save cash in the global economic recession.

via ThyssenKrupp steel plant delays 1 unit – al.com.


* ROLAND, Okla. (AP) – About 220 people are expected to lose their job in the small eastern Oklahoma community of Roland as an Ohio-based door manufacturer announces plans to close its facility there.

Therma-Tru Corp. designs and produces residential fiberglass and steel exterior door systems. The company announced it will phase down production and ultimately close the Roland plant, effective Sept. 30.

via Roland door plant to close.


* HARTFORD CITY — International Paper on Friday announced it would permanently close the Hartford City corrugated container

plant at the end of March, resulting in the loss of 100 jobs.

via International Paper to close Hartford City plant | thestarpress.com | The Star Press.


* OXFORD — Local programming and 10 jobs will be lost once Miami University gives up control of WMUB-FM (88.5).

via WMUB shows will be lost in deal.


* WGAR FM/99.5 morning co-host Michelle Maloney, WTAM AM/1100 news reporter Greg Saber and WMVX FM/106.5 producer Brigette Dineen were victims of this week’s layoffs at Clear Channel Communication’s Northeast Ohio stations.

via Layoffs at WGAR, WTAM and WMVX part of Clear Channel cuts – Cleveland.com.


* SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Ten days after cutting its Sioux Falls work force in half, Hutchinson Technology Inc. said Friday it is closing the plant and laying off the remaining 300 employees over the next three months.

via Hutchinson Technology closing Sioux Falls plant — chicagotribune.com.


HARDIN COUNTY — Akebono Brake Corp. reportedly laid off about 25 percent of its work force Friday as the brake parts manufacturer continued its staff downsizing at the Elizabethtown plant.

Carl Lay, Akebono’s Elizabethtown’s general manager of administration, did not return four phone messages left at his office and home or respond to an e-mail seeking comment. An e-mail to Laura Sullivan with Akebono North America went unanswered as well.

But worker Beverly Lacefield said she was called Friday and given the grim news.

via – The News Enterprise


* MIDDLEBURY, Vt. (AP) – Middlebury College is planning to cut 100 positions over the next three years through attrition.

via Fox 44 – Burlington and Plattsburgh News, Weather and Sports – Fox44.net | Middlebury College to cut 100 positions.


* Global paper and packaging manufacturer International Paper will permanently close its Howell facility and lay off 95 employees, company officials announced Friday.

It’s just the latest bad economic news for Livingston County. This month, auto parts maker May & Scofield LLC closed up shop in Fowlerville, idling 50 workers.

via International Paper closing its doors | livingstondaily.com | Livingston Daily.


* Greene Tweed is closing its Garden Grove plant with about 31 workers losing their jobs, a company spokeswoman has confirmed.

Judy Eby said the Pennsylvania-based company determined the molded plastics work done in Garden Grove could be done at other facilities.

via Greene Tweed closing Garden Grove plant – Handling Hard Times – OCRegister.com.


* MASSENA, N.Y. (AP) – They had dodged layoffs before, but now 100 furloughed workers at General Motors’ powertrain plant in Massena, N.Y., have been told their jobs are gone for good.

via KTVN Channel 2 – Reno Tahoe News Weather, Video – Workers a New York GM plant losing jobs sooner than expected.


* Accuride Corp., which was named Manufacturer of the Year on Thursday for its job-creation efforts, confirmed Friday that it is laying off 22 employees.

International News


* Cummins is to reduce its workforce worldwide by at least 800 employees by the end of February and freeze salaries for the year.

It means the engine company will cut 200 staff at its Daventry factory.

via BBC NEWS | UK | England | Northamptonshire | Engine company is to cut 200 jobs.


* As the UK officially falls into recession, it’s not a question of how many jobs will go in the regional newspaper industry, it’s more a case of how many will survive. Today, staff at DMGT-owned Northcliffe Media’s Western Daily Press and Bristol Evening Post were told the company is considering cutting 45 of its 154 editorial jobs from the two titles as part of plans to create single content and production desks for the papers, according to the NUJ. Sharing resources is a popular way to maximise resources for newspapers right now and is at the heart of proposed cuts at Newsquest’s Glasgow titles and Trinity Mirror’s Birmingham and South Wales centres.

via Northcliffe Media Restructuring Continues: Jobs Cut, Website Scrapped In Bristol | paidContent:UK .


* • We are proposing to reduce the costs of our head offices, subject to consultation with staff, with the loss of up to 450 jobs, representing around 15% of our head offices headcount.

• We will be making changes to the Marks & Spencer Final Salary Pension scheme by capping employees’ annual increases in pensionable pay to 1%iv and changing the early retirement benefits for members who joined the scheme before 1996.

via UK : Marks & Spencer to cut 1230 jobs – Apparel News UK.


* Jan. 23 (Bloomberg) — Linklaters LLP, the second-largest London law firm by revenue, will cut the number of lawyers at the firm as the economic crisis slows its business.

The worsening economic crisis and its effects on key clients means that reductions are necessary, said Sarah Peters, a firm spokeswoman. The Lawyer magazine reported today that Linklaters will cut as many as 70 partners and 10 percent of its salaried lawyers, citing people familiar with the plan.

via Bloomberg.com: U.K. & Ireland.


* The Cheltenham-based kitchenware and appliance manufacturer Pro Cook is to close all 18 of its high street stores.

via BBC NEWS | UK | England | Gloucestershire | Kitchenware firm to cut 100 staff.


* UP TO 100 jobs were at risk at brewer SA Brain last night.

Drivers, assistants, warehouse workers and customer services staff at the iconic brand’s South Wales distribution centre face losing their jobs after the 127-year-old company struck a deal with another brewer, Scottish and Newcastle.

via Cardiff brewer Brains looks set to shed 100 jobs – WalesOnline.


* THE UK’s leading aerosol contract filler ColepCCL is to axe more than a quarter of its 300-strong work force at its plant on the Foxhills Industrial Estate in Scunthorpe

via colepCCL, scunthorpe, north lincolnshire, north lincolnshire council, osmond aerosols, foxhills industrial estate, jobs, redundant, portuguese owned.


* MOSCOW, Jan 24 (Reuters) – The number of unemployed Russians rose to 6 million in December compared to 5 million in November as an economic downturn hit home, the head of the federal employment service Yuri Gertsiy said on Saturday.

Gertsiy said data calculated according to World Labour Organisation rules showed unemployment was much higher than the 1.5 million Russians who have officially registered as being out of work after six months of financial crisis.

via One million Russians lost jobs in Dec-official | Reuters .


Hiring News


* They’re hiring!

As many big companies are announcing mass layoffs, these 20 top employers have at least 350 openings each right now. Which Best Companies to Work For are doing the most recruiting and what kind of candidates are they looking for?

via They’re hiring! – Edward Jones (1) – FORTUNE.


Mike: Please feel free to send along any announcements that I may have missed and that you would like added. More as the weekend develops……………………



Bill Schorr - Jan 24

Bill Schorr - Jan 24


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