Mike: Good day to all and best wishes to the Obama administration.  They have their hands full, so hopefully they pull the right economic levers to help soften a likely hard economic landing. IBM beat earnings estimates yesterday and didn’t announce any layoff intentions, which is good news for now, although they did see […]

Continue reading about January 21 – Intel to delete up to 6000 – Ericsson to disconnect 5000 – Tyco ends 2500 – Williams-Sonoma exits 1400 – UAL to dump 1000 – Microsoft to cut 8000? – Sony to ax 2000 more? – Lights out for 330 at Yankee Candle – Angie’s List recommends 90 job cuts – Piper Aircraft cuts 150 – Deere dumps 120 – 240 gone at DuPont – 340 gone at Tonawanda GM – IBM to chop 1000s this week?

Mike: Today is Inauguration Day and I wish Mr. Obama good fortune and godspeed in addressing the deteriorating economic picture.He will need the help of many to solve the crises at hand, since it took so many to get us to this point. Hopefully he pushes the correct buttons and that positive results are soon […]

Continue reading about January 20 – IBM posts strong earnings; no job cuts? – BOA to cut 4000? – Update: Clear Channel to cut 1850 – Bell Alliant hangs up on 500 – Warner Bros. slashes 800 jobs – 900 gone at Rohm and Haas – 150 less at Clipper Windpower – AA trims 170 in KC – 15,000 to go at Germany’s Metro – Billiton removes 6000

Mike: Since today is Martin Luther King Day the markets are closed and the layoff announcements may be tame. Tuesday is Inauguration Day and the federal government is closed, so they may not be able to act financially irresponsible again until Wednesday. There are a few important economic numbers out this week and they are detailed in […]

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