The Layoff Outrage of the Day:  Mike: I thought I would title the daily discussion to save readers any confusion about my intentions, which are simply to highlight a daily kick in the butt to the workers and taxpayers of America. Today I’ll discuss the often mentioned subject of outsourcing. While outsourcing is […]

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                                   Mike: Good day to all. I hope that today’s news doesn’t bring another whopper like the 13,000 jobs being lost at Alcoa. The jobs news for today is rather light Challenger Job-Cut Report. with the big news coming on Thursday Jobless Claims. and Friday Employment Situation. Let’s hope the jobs landscape shows less severe job loss than expected.   […]

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Mike: States throughout the country are facing difficult financial times. Some states are running low on operating funds, such as CA (see below video). States like SC and now MO are exhausting their benefit funds at this early stage of the recession. Many states have understaffed unemployment offices which leads to many not receiving benefits […]

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