Mike: I hope you all are having a fine weekend so far.  This weekend’s post will catch up on a few missed layoff announcements and give a review of some of this past week’s economic events. Maybe an outrage may find its way into the posting as well. – If you have any unemployment related […]

Continue reading about February 21, 22 – Weekend Edition – Kaiser readies the ax – AK Steel to layoff another 1000? – GM/Chrysler need billions more to survive – Stimulus increases unemployment benefits – Irish take to the streets of Dublin

Mike: Good day to all. The job related economic reports were scarce today, but there were plenty of other unemployment news stories to keep this blogger occupied. Although there are more important stories to consider, the story below is one that shoots up my blood pressure number. We as taxpayers have given the corrupt, broken, […]

Continue reading about February 20 – Anglo American mining slashes 19,000 – Brazil’s Embraer cuts 4000 – Boeing give layoff notices to 1100 – US Steel exits 590 – Catalyst Paper cuts 525 – Jabil minus 300 – Cuomo continues to hunt executive bank robbers – Banks nickle and dime the unemployed

Thank you for visiting http://www.layofflist.org/. This is the sister site  http://layofflist.wordpress.com/.  While  both sites will have the latest in layoff news and economic reports,  http://layofflist.wordpress.com/ may be more current.  Thank you again for visiting and don’t forget to bookmark both sites for easy access. Mike Mike:  Jobless Claims numbers were released today at 8:30 Eastern. The estimate was for another 620,000 […]

Continue reading about February 19 – 627,000 new files for unemployment – Record 4.99 million remain on unemployment – CA approves budget; will it save jobs? HP cuts salaries and benefits – Avon calling end to 3000 jobs – Virginia DOT plans to cut 1,450 – Rockford Holdings cuts 890 – 300 laid off at Sears Canada