Mike: Wednesday was a very busy day for layoff announcements and economic news and the news keeps coming in. Thursday brings Jobless Claims numbers, which will be interesting to see considering how many large layoff announcements have occurred this past week.  Mike: Today’s larger layoff announcments: US: Nike may cut up to 4 pct of jobs Watts Water […]

Continue reading about February 11 – Stimulus games continue – CAT wants 2000 more to leave – Con-Way increases cuts to 2500 – Nike to run 1400 out the door? – Peugeot Citroen dumps 11,000 – ING minus 2700 Dutch – 1100 less at Nokia – Pratt & Whitney to lay off 1000 – Alcatel to cut 1,000 manager jobs – Graphic Packaging cuts 650

Mike: Good day to all.  Today was an hectic day for layoff announcements and those announcements encompassed a wide variety of industries from the expected; GM, to the unexpected in Wal-Mart and with plenty of smaller companies thrown in for good measure. There have been worse days on The Layoff List, but each job lost is an important as any […]

Continue reading about February 10 – Stimulus saga continues – GM to slash 10,000 more jobs – Qwest disconnects 1700 – 1500 gone at GE Transportation – Salcomp cuts 3000 – UBS withdraws 2000 jobs – Wal-Mart discounts 700 jobs – Sega drops 560 – Advance Auto cuts 270

Mike: There is plenty of  international layoff news this morning with:  Nissan to cut 20,000 jobs, Nissan says no job cuts planned in US  Anglo Platinum To Cut Up To 10,000 Jobs In 2009,  Toronto-based Kingsway Financial to cut 750 jobs .  US news includes:  KV Pharmaceutical says to cut 700 jobs University of Chicago Medical Center […]

Continue reading about February 9 – $800 billion stimulus still taking shape – GM/Chrysler to go bankrupt? – Nissan slashes 20,000 – Anglo Platinum to dump 10,000 – Merrill Lynch chops about 1000 – FedEx Freight drops 900 – Kingsway Financial minus 750 – KV Pharmaceutical sheds 700 – Chicago Medical Center cuts 450