Mike: Good weekend to all. First let me start with the news that The Layoff List will be changing locations. Over the next month I am going to transition from http://layofflist.wordpress.com/ to http://www.layofflist.org/. The reasons for the move: Better performance: http://www.layofflist.org/ will load more quickly on your PC or other device. Easier to read: http://www.layofflist.org/ […]

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Mike: Hello to all. Today’s much anticipated monthly Employment Situation number will show the extent of job losses and indicate whether the job market is improving or continues to deteriorate. The consensus is that the unemployment rate will increase from 7.6% to 7.9%. As i have mentioned on this site repeatedly, those numbers don’t adequately […]

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Mike: Today’s big economic number is Jobless Claims, which will be released at 8:30. The consensus is a reduction in claims to 650,000, which is less than last week’s number of 667,000. The experts have been wrong about the upward trend for the past six months,so don’t be surprised if they are again wrong on […]

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