The following Larry King interview with Sarah Palin was created for laughs to commemorate today’s Tea Party convention in Nashville, TN. You can follow the action at PJTV (registration required).

I like the determination of the Tea Party members, but it’s a fractious group that can’t seem to decide how far right they need to go. Of course, with speakers like the bombastic racist Tom Tancredo and the more centrist ideas of Glenn Reynolds it’s bound to be an interesting weekend.

Tickets are still available for this overpriced media circus: Tea Party Convention.

Unfortunately I find Palin to be an empty pants suit, since she is more concerned about making a financial killing than finishing her elected office as governor of AK. At least I know where her priorities rate.

If you are an admirer of Palin, you may not like the following cartoon interview, but if you are not a big fan of the Diasta’ from Alaska, then there are a few laughs to be had:


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