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The push to get the long term unemployed issue into the hands of Ed Schultz continues. Reader R has been doing some great work with contacting Ed Schultz’s Show representatives. As soon as I learn more about how R is progessing, I’ll post an update.

As I mentioned yesterday, we the long term unemployed need a large mouthpiece from the main stream media to get the attention they deserve. My audience is quite small compared to that of an Ed Schultz or Rachel Maddow, so it’s vital that someone with a large audience be the spokesperson for the long term unemployed. With upwards of ten million long term unemployed, it’s surprising that no main stream media personality has taken up the cause.

Reader Al C. called the Ed Schultz Show last Friday and he sent along the audio from that phone call, which is worth a listen. also take a look at Al’s adventures holding a Tier 5 support sign on the Chris Matthews Show.

Now that’s the kind of attention that needs to be seen by millions.

als-edshow – Click the link to listen to Al C. on the Ed Schultz radio show May 21.

This is the effort we all need to make. We need to get the word out there in many different ways:

  • Call and write your local and national news stations and newspapers.
  • Call radio stations and radio personalities and tell them your story. Have the facts on hand so they don’t try and confuse the issue.
  • Join Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. Become followers/friends of news personalities and tell your story and link to sites that do tell your story. In fact, if you want to follow your rep’s tweets, go to http://legistalker.org/ and find out what they are saying firsthand.

There are about 10 million long term unemployed and discouraged workers who need to get the word out.

For those looking for Layoff List updates:

I haven’t had time to update The Layoff List in a couple of months due to posting of unemployment extension updates at my Examiner.com site. If you are looking to stay informed about unemployment extensions, please visit Rochester Unemployment Examiner.

Once you visit Rochester Unemployment Examiner you can review unemployment information, data and details that you don’t find in the main stream media. You can also add comments about your current situation and what you think needs ot be done to improve the job market and unemployment benefits system. I hope to see you there.

I’ll be returning to posting on The Layoff List at some point in the future.


3 Comments to “Tier 5 and extended unemployment: how Al C. is getting the word out!”

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  2. dartcanyon says:

    As you may know, the House version of H.R. 4213 has extended the Emergency Unemployment Compensation program including the full federal funding of Extended Benefits, as well as the $25 per week Federal Additional Compensation supplement through November. However the House bill does NOT include an extension of the 65% 15-month COBRA subsidy. Washington needs to act quickly to restore ALL of the vital federal programs through the end of 2010, especially the COBRA subsidy which will give the newly unemployed in this troubled job market a better chance of being able to maintain their personal health insurance for themselves and their families. For too long, unemployed workers and their families have suffered the anxiety and stress that comes with all the stop-gap extensions that Congress has been passing, and given the still high rates of unemployment in this country, and the 5.3 million people who are receiving federal benefits, these programs need to continue at least through the end of 2010.

    I am one of the LONG term unemployed over 50 and it is unconscionable to even try to think what Washington, and especially Reid, are thinking when they still continue to punish the long term unemployed. That is exactly what is happening by delays in extensions and lack of more weeks thru the remainder of this year.

    ALL of the politicians in Washington need to go. Yeah…I know…there are more important things than helping lifelong tax paying Americans stay on their feet, in their homes, off the streets, etc. The fact of the matter is the numbers you people put out about jobs etc. are nothing more than smoke screens. Sure some new jobs have appeared but NOT across the board. I search, interview and apply almost daily and it is all the same story, hundreds of people applying for one job. I even sent my resume to Obama’s office. The older unemployed are clearly discriminated against in the job market in favor of foreigners and younger people. I am a well educated administrator in her 60s who must work to survive. If I don’t I cannot afford the medications I have to take thanks to a near death experience several years ago and for which I also must have DME supplies monthly. I have tried to go back to work as a maid or at fast food. Not happening. Those jobs are dominated by Mexicans and other foreigners and there is NO way a REAL American should have to learn a new language to get a job in OUR OWN country. Other countries don’t do so why should we. WE should come first but that is NOT the case. Anyone except a REAL American can get help very easily but we cannot and that is a proven fact.

    There is NOTHING wrong with giving us back some of our hard earned tax dollars that we were mandated to send to Washington to pay your exorbitant salaries, etc. You play with our very lives each and every day that you dump billions into other countries and on issues that can easily wait but they don’t wait because they are politically enhancing your careers. Now many, many more people will be homeless, etc. because Washington had to go on yet another vacation and ignore this atrocity that Washington created. We did NOT quit our jobs, we were laid off and that has been forgotten.

    Reid is a liar. This is an election year and he, as the others, only care about votes. Our long term unemployment dilemma will dag out and act as political leverage later in the year. Reid said he would make Washington stay there until this was settled. He had no intention in backing up what he said.

    Extensions and added weeks are a must for the remainder of 2010 as we all know that the economy will NOT recover enough this year to put us all back to work. If there have been hundreds of thousands of jobs created we would sure love to know where because most of us are still with no work and now, thanks to you, no place to live, cannot pay bills, get medications necessary to live and the beat goes on.

    Shame, shame, shame on Washington. I am NOT proud to be an American now and not afraid to say so. You are helping this country turn into a third world country by catering to the wrong populations and ignoring REAL American workers and their plight. When America is in a disaster does any foreign come to our rescue?? NO!!! We have to figure it out for ourselves but let another country have problems and our hard earned tax dollars immediately leave our fair land. Thanks to Washington Social Security recipients aren’t even going to get a cost in living raise for a lousy $250 but you can bet your butt you guys always get it and more.

    There is plenty of money in the government to do what is right but Washington liars would rather put it where it doesn’t need to go and as for the deficit?? Why should we continue to suffer because Washington keeps throwing away our money? Saving Americans in this time of crisis should be FIRST and FOREMOST. Everything else can wait.

    There is NOT one person who should stay in Washington and that includes Pelosi. She actually laughed when she said there will be NO more help for us. How ugly is that? I have been out of work for 2 years and there is NO prospect for that changing soon and you can say go to this program and that program but they are jokes to us REAL Americans.

    I am sure all of you had a great holiday while all of us had NO means to celebrate anything. All we can celebrate is being homeless, losing our cars so it makes it even harder to find work, etc.

    Think about it and shame on Reid and the rest of you cold hearted, uncaring politicians who have nothing on your mind but your own well being.

    Regardless of what has been said I do not see Feinstein and Boxer pounding the desks in our favor. They also are too worried about elections and both should go also.

    It’s critical that the Senate approve these measures immediately following recess to prevent further interruptions in these important programs. Please act now and make sure that millions do not face continuing joblessness coupled with an end to benefits that have kept us afloat so far.

  3. Please pass the tier 5 extension for the american people, stop playing with peolple lives. Stastics shows jobs are opening up but that’s a lie. All these people got these temporary census jobs but you didn’t report that most of those people got laid back off. Congress who the hell you think tou are fooling. Answer the tough qustion are your family suffering. People need relief ok from the worries MAKE IT ONE OF YOUR PRIORITY ASAP.

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