Layoff And Unemployment News

On Monday and Tuesday March 28 and 29, 99ers and 99er advocates will be contacting Speaker Boehner and Rep. Cantor to urge them to quickly pass H.R. 589. This legislation, proposed by Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA) offers 14 additional weeks of unemployment benefits to those who have exhausted unemployment benefits and are not currently working. […]

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In a previous post States cutting unemployment benefits: the good, the bad and the ugly. H.R 589 I discussed how some states are addressing unemployment benefit extensions. States are still battling with the issue. Some state legislators are helping the unemployed, while other states are cutting benefits during a time of very slow job growth. States […]

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Last week saw a number of state actions regarding unemployment benefits. Some actions were helpful while others could be punishing to the unemployed and future unemployed. In fact, some actions were good, some were bad and one was simply ugly. State legislators in FL and MO considered decreasing the number of weeks that a jobless […]

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