Layoff And Unemployment News

According to Gregg Rosen of the American 99er Union, Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA) will be reintroducing The Emergency Unemployment Compensation Act next week. Part of Mr. Rosen’s statement follows: Today as promised, I have an update to provide with respect to the reintroduction of The Emergency Unemployment Compensation Act. A press conference has been scheduled for […]

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Letters from those affected by a tragedy often have more impact than simply discussing the facts and data associated with the tragedy. That’s the case with the tragic consequences of long term unemployment.  While statistics and data illustrate how long-term unemployment shatters confidence, destroys finances and disrupts family stability, those suffering the wrath of long-term […]

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Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. released a statement today which is a follow-up to his request for the unemployed and underemployed to send in their resumes for placement in the Congressional Record: Rep. Jackson Jr. receives 15,000 resumes from jobless “We need a Jobs Party”. Rep. Jackson’s office offered a clarification about the number of resumes received […]

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