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layofflist on August 1st, 2011

The following is a reprint of an excellent article from The Economic Populist. Let the word go forth from Washington!  The corporate rulers occupying our nation’s capital have declared war on just about every citizen. Have no doubt: those in the upper ranges of the top 1% of wealth in this country (aka The Money Party) […]

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Here’s an opportunity to step forward and help a struggling but determined 99er:  Your small contribution can go a long way toward helping a struggling woman who is nearly homeless. Alexandra Jarrin has been profiled at and She is doing all the right things to get her life back on track, but housing is her most […]

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“Hope is gone. The future is terrifying.” Those were the sentiments of D.V. from Modesto, CA, concerning her and her husband’s job situation. She was a Case Manager and he was a company representative; both were laid off in 2009. Since then, “My husband and I went from making $150K a year to scraping out […]

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