According to Gregg Rosen of the American 99er Union, Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA) will be reintroducing The Emergency Unemployment Compensation Act next week. Part of Mr. Rosen’s statement follows:

Today as promised, I have an update to provide with respect to the reintroduction of The Emergency Unemployment Compensation Act. A press conference has been scheduled for Wednesday, February 09, 2011 in Washington, D.C. Rep. Lee and Rep. Scott will be addressing the media. I have also been asked to speak representing the American 99ers Union. They have also asked if we can find some 99ers willing to be there to stand with us, and possibly be available to speak to the press after the announcement and ensuing statements.

So, it’s here and it’s real. I would suggest that we all need to keep working together, now more than ever. I would ask you to please use all of your resources to get the word out.

The American 99ers Union offers this update for February 2:



Below is the information we currently have on the Bill:

– This extension will be paid for under The Supplemental Appropriations Act of 2008.

– The 14 week extension will be attached to the first tier extension that was created under the Bush Administration. In doing so all 99ers would be included, as there are no individual State “triggers” like those found in the fourth tier extension.

– The Authors of this Bill are now gathering additional supporters in the House and they are developing a strong media plan. The goal is to have everything in order within the next two weeks.

– Per the request of Rep. Lee’s office, The American 99ers Union drafted and sent an official letter of support for this Bill.

– In the interim, the best course of action is to continually take action. Contact your respective House Representatives by phone, fax, e-mail, and visits to their local offices. Identify yourself as a member of The American 99ers Union and request as a constituent, that it is in the best interest of the district they represent to support (and by support we mean vote yes on) any proposed legislation that would extend UI for the longest termed unemployed. Since the Bill has not been officially introduced, this is the best course of action.

The next update should be posted by week’s end.

The American 99ers Union is honored to work with Rep. Barbara Lee and her Staff. We shall continue to provide updates as they become available.

-End Statement-

Mike White, co-founder of the American 99ers Union sent this statement:

“Good news!

Gregg (Mr. G) Rosen, co-founder of the American 99ers Union, received a call from Rep. Barbara Lee’s office and was told that the bill (currently known as HR 6556) WILL BE REINTRODUCED next week for sure and there will be a Press Conference in D.C. next Wednesday in which they will announce the re-introduction of the bill, which would provide 14 more weeks of UI compensation to 99ers as an extension of Tier 1.

Gregg has been asked to appear with them as representative of the American 99ers Union and speak at the Press Conference, and they are also asking that a few 99ers be present at the Press Conference.

We need you to help us find a few suitable 99ers who would be willing to appear at the Press Conference in D.C.. The 99ers would not have to speak at the podium as Gregg will be doing, but they might be interviewed (?) by the Press after the Press Conference. So this is an opportunity for a few 99ers in the D.C/Maryland/wherever area to come forward and do their part in helping 99ers get an extension by standing with the Congresspersons at this Press Conference of Rep’s Scott and Lee.

So please, UWAGers, post this around in forums and other places, that we need a few 99ers to represent us next Wednesday the 9th in D.C at this press conference.

The American 99ers Union will also be putting out a Press Release early next week re this Press Conference on Wednesday, to try to ensure the maximum media coverage and interest in this bill.”

Mike White also passed along that anyone interested in appearing at the Washington D.C. Press Conference as a 99er on behalf of the A99U can leave a message at 202-579-9377 and Gregg Rosen will return your call.

It’s obvious that there are still 99er support groups and a few members of Congress that are working to help the millions of 99ers who have exhausted all benefits. It’s important to support these efforts in any way you can. Contact your representatives and ask them to support the legislation that will be offered by Reps. Barbara Lee and Bobby Scott. Media outlets need to be made aware that this event will be taking place so it’s given the airtime it deserves.

Day 29: Mr. Boehner, where are the jobs?

You can contact Mr. Speaker at and at Twitter @SpeakerBoehner. Since Mr. Boehner has spent the last month using House time on other matters, he may want to be reminded that job creation is the number one issue for Americans.

Layoffs and plant closing, meanwhile, still impact many cities and towns:

GREENVILLE, Ala. — A textile plant is closing in the south Alabama town of Greenville, leaving 190 people without jobs. via Plant closing leaves 190 without work in south Ala – Florida Wires –

Officials at CNH said Monday they will close the facility during the first quarter. The plant’s products include compact tractors under the New Holland “Boomer” and Case IH “Farmall” nameplates. WMAZ-TV reports that roughly 100 people work at the plant. via CNH closing Dublin, Ga. tractor assembly factory – BusinessWeek.

If anyone would like to contribute to helping a few 99ers make the trip to D.C. to be part of the event, please drop a note to for more details on how you can help.

Mr. Boehner, where are the jobs?

Letters from those affected by a tragedy often have more impact than simply discussing the facts and data associated with the tragedy. That’s the case with the tragic consequences of long term unemployment.  While statistics and data illustrate how long-term unemployment shatters confidence, destroys finances and disrupts family stability, those suffering the wrath of long-term unemployment can best describe its effects.

I receive letters from the long-term unemployed, which highlight the desperate straits faced by those abandoned by the jobs market, the social safety net and Congress. Some letters are lengthy and others are one or two sentences. All of the letters ask the same questions; will the long-term unemployed be helped or will they lose everything they have worked for all their lives and where are the jobs? A few of those letters follow.

I am a resident of San Antonio, TX.  I have been unemployed since December 31 2008, the title company I was working for filed bankrupt out of no fault of my own I was laid-off. I received unemployment benefits from Jan. 2009 till Jun. 2010. I didn’t receive all 99 weeks of unemployment. I called TWC in Austin and I was told that I had used all by benefits but to keep filing my work searches in case another extension was approved. The extension was approved and I then was told that I did not qualify for that extension, so what happened to the rest of my weeks?

I am 54 years of age and been trying very hard to find a job but have had no luck. Some places say they don’t discriminate from age, sex, or race, but they do. I have worked many years of my life to know that they do discriminate. Back in June I lost my unemployment, in July I lost my mother, and in August I lost my apartment. The only thing I have left is my car and I’m about to lose that too this month. I don’t know what else to do, I feel like we are left out in cold in the middle of nowhere all alone and nobody can hears us. Thank You!!   E. S.

The following letter shows how even the best qualified individuals can come up short in the job hunt due to discriminatory hiring practices.

My story I’m sure reads like millions out there struggling to get back to prosperity.  However, right now the thought of self worth and regaining my dignity while putting food on the table for my family through my efforts is a dream come true.

Not only do I send out hundreds of resumes, I have exhausted my sphere of influence to obtain my goals of employment.  I have been fortunate enough to obtain several phone interviews and even a few 2nd interviews in person.  There have been 3 occasions that I was the final candidate for the position and even received 2 verbal offers!  I was excited that I finally found work again……then I was notified that they were unable to offer me the position because of my recent credit history.  Humiliated, I sent an explanation letter with my tail between my legs explaining my circumstances of loss of income but apparently they fell on deaf ears and once again my value and self worth is lowered and my confidence is shattered.

As millions of other good Americans, I have run into brick wall after brick wall watching peers move from one company to another but I cannot get a look due to the fact I have been unemployed for over a year.  With the facts that I am currently unemployed, I’m 42 years old and my credit is now poor, I wonder if I will ever find employment.

Concerned and Lost C.H.

I find deplorable that banks and businesses can scam the US taxpayer out of billions of dollars and then receive million dollar bonuses, but if an individual finds it difficult to keep a great credit score during a Great Recession, they are penalized. I have not seen one crooked, corrupt; swindler bankster discriminated against for nearly destroying the American economy.

This next letter is a cry for help and I hope someone is listening:

I am a divorced 47-year-old woman.  I don’t know if my government is hoping people like me will just die off or like a lot of people commit suicide or something.  I am being penalized for trying to work.

I have been just barely hanging on. I did not get the unemployment extension because I tried to work at Temporary Agencies.  When I spoke to the unemployment people in the past I was told that with the three temp agencies I had enough time to get on the new extension.  Now last week they are saying no I cannot.  The girl at the unemployment back in September noted that I had a notice of hire.  I told her that I was hired by the Washoe County Coroners Office only on a temporary basis while their girl is out on vacation.  She said she would note that on the notes.   I only worked for them from September 29 to October 6 2010 and only 26 hours.   I will not work for them again till Maybe March a few days and May a few days of 2011.  She assured me that I would still get benefits.  I am being penalized for trying to work.

I try to work for temp agencies so at least I have my foot in the door and possibly get a job.  I am not lazy.  My days for the four temp agencies I worked for should be my extension.  Please help me.  I called the unemployment office on 01/12/11, and they said i have benefits. Today I noticed I have a code on my payment status.  I called again today 01/13/11, and they say that I am not eligible until I have twenty weeks.  Where am I going to get 20 weeks?

I have asked on Craig’s list for food, I have nothing not even a penny.  The unemployment says that I don’t have a chance with the appeal.  Since I have been unemployed I have been to the mental health here in Carson City because I have been so depressed and do not want to lose my mind. I am trying my best, but I feel like my government expects me to just die somewhere now.  Please help me.

Every month it was questionable if I would be able to keep my car insurance because of affordability.  I finally could not pay.  I had to choose between food or insurance.  Because of this my driver’s license is suspended.  I cannot afford to pay the 250.00. When I apply for a job they see the suspension and do not want to hire me.  I am trying my hardest to work to get my foot in the door anywhere and now I am penalized for this.

I have worked since I was 16 years old.  I thought we are supposed to try and work!  What am I supposed to do now? This is my daughter’s senior year in high school and it is supposed to be special. I cannot afford anything for her, not even her senior pictures or gown.  I am trying to write to everybody because I am just barely hanging in there.  I am trying so hard not to be homeless please help me with this.  I am not a throw away, I am an American Citizen. R.F.

I responded to all letters and offered some suggestions, but these issues need to be addressed by a competent unemployment system, fortified social services, non-discriminatory hiring practices and a Congress willing to show some humanity and consideration to the millions of long-term unemployed. As of this writing, none of those situations exists, but the pain suffering continues unabated. As R.F. cried out, she and the other long-term unemployed are not throw-aways, they are American citizens. Treat them as such.

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Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. released a statement today which is a follow-up to his request for the unemployed and underemployed to send in their resumes for placement in the Congressional Record: Rep. Jackson Jr. receives 15,000 resumes from jobless “We need a Jobs Party”. Rep. Jackson’s office offered a clarification about the number of resumes received to date; they have received 8,000-10,000, but they are hoping to receive 15,000 or more.


Peaceful Protest of Unemployment Problem Will Continue until Economic Rights are Guaranteed

Today, Congressman Jesse L. Jackson, Jr. issued the following statement:

“Recently, I issued a call for unemployed, underemployed and economically insecure Americans to send me their resumes as a way to protest the shameful condition of unemployment that our country has tolerated for too long.  Today, I submitted thousands of resumes for the Congressional Record so that the faces and stories of the unemployed could be put front and center before our government.

“Sixty-seven years ago, President Franklin D. Roosevelt recognized in his State of the Union Address that the Presidency and Congress were inadequate to solve the unemployment problem that persisted into the 1930s.  He called for an economic bill of rights that would provide fundamental economic security to all Americans through the right to a job, the right to health care, the right to a good education, and other rights.  He went to the only vehicle that is big enough to solve unemployment: the Constitution.

“I am accepting resumes and the stories behind them from unemployed and economically insecure Americans at  Sending me a resume will not get anyone a job, nor will the resumes be forwarded to anybody who is hiring.  But by inserting these resumes into the record we can make sure that the government is focused on ending unemployment.  I will continue this peaceful protest of our jobs problem until Democrats and Republicans alike can come together to eliminate the fear of unemployment from our freedom construct.”

Congressman Jackson’s remarks on the floor of the House are as follows, as prepared for delivery:

“On January 11, 1944, in his 3rd term, President Franklin D. Roosevelt recognized the limitations of the Presidency and Congress in addressing the nation’s most serious problem: unemployment.

“So, he proposed changing the only vehicle capable of eliminating unemployment, the Constitution.

“Roosevelt suggested that adding fundamental economic rights to the Constitution was the only way to truly address our unemployment problem.

“67 years later, to dramatize the shameful jobs condition that our nation and the marketplace tolerates, I have asked the nation’s unemployed, underemployed and economically insecure to send their resumes to me at

“Then, I will submit them to the Congressional Record on their behalf as a means of protesting our unaddressed, shameful unemployment problem.

“I am not promising anyone a job, I just believe that the wealthiest nation in the world should do something about the jobs loophole in our freedom construct.  Until Democrats and Republicans in Congress or the White House eliminate the fear of unemployment from our freedom and liberty construct, I will continue this peaceful demonstration by accepting resumes at

“To paraphrase Martin Luther King, Jr., If America can put a man on the moon, and if today we can contemplate putting men and women on Mars, then we should be able to put a man or a woman on their own two feet right here in America.”

Rep. Jackson’s press secretary said that some of the resumes have been delivered to the Congressional Record. You can visit Rep. Jackson’s Facebook page to hear his House statement while he delivered the resumes using a handcart. If you do not have a Facebook account, you can see a replay of his resume delivery House statement at

Resumes will be delivered to the Congressional Record on a continual basis. A link to the resumes will be available once the resumes have been accepted into the Congressional Record. Send your resumes to

The job situation in America is still difficult at best. Part time jobs are being created instead of better paying full-time jobs. Many longer-term unemployed are facing hiring discrimination due to poor credit scores, age, and simply for being unemployment. More and more 99ers – unemployment benefit exhaustees – are going to be part of the unemployment landscape as 2011 unfolds. Where will those millions of jobs come from without some sort of government intervention?

During times of economic and social turmoil, the great leaders mentioned by Rep. Jackson Jr., FDR and MLK, were able to offer people hope and eventually deliver results to those most in need. Today’s leaders, by contrast, seem more prone to ignoring the most needy in favor of coddling the wealthy and connected. Our current crop of leaders passed a $900 billion tax bill that contained zero dollars for Tier 5 benefits that would help millions of 99ers, and zero dollars for job creation and job training that would help 26.5 million unemployed and underemployed. Both FDR and MLK would certainly be amazed that government could do so much for so few while at the same time doing so little for so many.

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