Mike: Good day to all.  Wednesday became an active layoff announcement day, especially in the afternoon with Kimberly-Clark, Apache and GM announcements. Thursday brings us the weekly Jobless Claims  number and  Existing Home Sales. Both will indicate if the economy is stabilizing. Stay tuned…. – First I’d like to give some props to a fine blog at Pay […]

Continue reading about April 22 – Update: GM to lay off 1600 salaried workers this week – GM plans 9-week summer shutdown – Volvo cuts 1543 – Fewer U.S. companies plan job cuts – T Rowe Price chops 288 – 1000 gone at Phillip Morris in July

Mike: I hope you all had a fine weekend and thanks for visiting the new location of The Layoff List.  Monday proved to be a busier day for international layoff announcements, which seems to be the case over the last few months of this blog’s life. US layoff announcements picked up the pace later in […]

Continue reading about April 20 – GM to lay off 1600 this week; will “likely” build plants in China – ThyssenKrupp plans 4000 more job cuts – Eircom plans to chop 1,250 – More layoffs coming to Microsoft?

Mike: A relatively quiet day again for layoff announcements of the larger kind. Hopefully this latest week is not merely a lull in the action. I’m going out this weekend to test my new Canon camera, so if I shoot anything of interest, I’ll post for comment. I hope you all have a fine weekend. […]

Continue reading about April 17, 18, 19 – Sony Ericsson will cut 2000 more – Toshiba to dump 3900 temps – ABX to lay off 518 – NXP deletes 622 – Teradyne to release 350 – Media General eliminates 300 – Need a new car? If passed, U.S. ‘Cash-For-Clunkers’ could net you $5,000