The April 2011 BLS employment report showed a gain of 244,000 jobs, which was trumpeted by the Obama administration and the mainstream media as a continuation of a rapidly improving jobs market. While job growth is important, it’s also important to realize the jobs hole that needs to be filled. Over the past four months more […]

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On occasion I will post articles by guest contributors. The following was sent to me by Rachel Bernstein. Why Are Americans Still Unemployed, and Why the Attack on Unions? By Rachel Bernstein Listening to the news today, as a person who was unemployed and now working as a Substitute Teacher, I find it appalling and […]

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The March Employment Report was again pumped as another victory in the war against unemployment. But for millions of long-term unemployed, it’s still a brutal battle to find work. That’s why it’s unfortunate that most main stream media outlets and politicos seem incapable of understanding, or chose to ignore the “real” unemployment numbers. The BLS reported […]

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