Staff Cuts

Mike: I hope you all had a fine weekend and thanks for visiting the new location of The Layoff List.  Monday proved to be a busier day for international layoff announcements, which seems to be the case over the last few months of this blog’s life. US layoff announcements picked up the pace later in […]

Continue reading about April 20 – GM to lay off 1600 this week; will “likely” build plants in China – ThyssenKrupp plans 4000 more job cuts – Eircom plans to chop 1,250 – More layoffs coming to Microsoft?

Mike: A relatively quiet day again for layoff announcements of the larger kind. Hopefully this latest week is not merely a lull in the action. I’m going out this weekend to test my new Canon camera, so if I shoot anything of interest, I’ll post for comment. I hope you all have a fine weekend. […]

Continue reading about April 17, 18, 19 – Sony Ericsson will cut 2000 more – Toshiba to dump 3900 temps – ABX to lay off 518 – NXP deletes 622 – Teradyne to release 350 – Media General eliminates 300 – Need a new car? If passed, U.S. ‘Cash-For-Clunkers’ could net you $5,000

Mike: Wednesday proved to be an active layoff announcement day, especially for a number of international firms, including UBS and Air France. US layoff announcements were also active and it appears that municipalities are finally having to disclose job cuts. Some of those cuts, such as LAs 5400 cuts will be painful to the citizens. […]

Continue reading about April 15 – LA school board votes to lay off 5,400 – UBS to cut 8,700 – Air France-KLM to chop 3,000 – ArcelorMittal to cut 400 Indiana workers – Hawker: More layoffs on the way – More Cisco and Yahoo layoffs?