Tier 5

“How does someone explain to their child that they can have a place to live and maybe stay warm in the winter, but in order to do that they won’t have any food to eat? Or they can eat, but may not have a secure place to live? Just try to explain those adult decisions […]

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The following letter from a desperate and hopeless 99er named Mark was brought to my attention by another hard working 99er, Bud Meyers, of http://acompanyofone.org. Mark’s contact information is not yet available, but a number of 99ers are trying to find his whereabouts. Many 99ers, unemployed, and vulnerable Americans will be able to relate to Mark’s […]

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“A job is a right, fight, fight, fight!” was the protest call offered by a group of 20 NY/NJ 99ers who are seeking passage of jobs and Tier 5 unemployment benefits legislation during the upcoming lame duck congressional session. The 800 pound gorillas in the financial recovery room are the unemployed. Politicians and financial gurus […]

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