Workforce Reduction

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Continue reading about June 9 – GM Wentzville, laying off nearly 900 – Talbots cutting 20% of workforce – Lloyds chops another 1500 – Unilever dumps 460 jobs

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Continue reading about June 8 – Obama promises 600,000 jobs this summer – 4000 lost jobs in UKs LDV collapse – Intuit cuts 300 jobs – Clopay closing plant with 330 jobs – Feds need 10,000 cyber security experts – GM cuts 400 at Flint Truck Assembly

Mike: The monthly unemployment numbers show a marked improvement over the previous seven months, but the unemployment rate increased to 9.4% due to more people looking for work. The lower job loss figure is good news, but the higher unemployment number shows the difficulty in finding new work. One reason, in my opinion, why more […]

Continue reading about June 5, 6, 7 – May jobless rate hits 9.4% (U6 rate at 16.4%), but layoffs slow to 345,000 – Canada jobless rate spikes to 8.4% – Up to 320 gone at Trane – Sale of Saturn to Penske saves 13,000 jobs – Fort Wayne Foundry idling 461 – Cessna hands out 700 of planned 1300 layoff notices