Mike: Wednesday should be a relatively light layoff day as companies prepare for the upcoming holiday. Once the new year begins, the layoff news will likely be more active.  The important unemployment number is the number of laid-off workers continuing to draw unemployment benefits increasing by 140,000. This indicates that it’s more difficult to find […]

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Mike: Microsoft rumors are still flying and they are listed below. With high tech companies like AMD chopping costs with possible large scale layoffs, it won’t be a big surprise to see other high techs do the same in the new year. Layoff announcements are slow this holiday week, but there are e a growing […]

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                                        Mike: A rather quiet layoff news start to the week. I’ll post layoff news as it is announced, but till then I’ll offer some other employment and economic reads. Check out the Weekend Update for the latest layoff stories from the past few days:   Mike: Paul Krugman is one of the best economists in […]

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