The story that follows is also available at Rochester Unemployment Examiner. One 99er loses a battle to foreclosure and falls through the cracks Why is it so important that Congress put away its sabers and deal with the mounting damage caused by long-term unemployment and the ending of unemployment benefits for millions? It’s because so […]

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American Amnesia Two years into Democratic control of the executive and legislative branches, there seems to be a wave of nostalgia for the good ol’ days of the Bush years and Republican control of the House and Senate. Is that desire to see Republicans in control a matter of policy or a matter of American […]

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For additional articles about unemployment and 99er efforts to secure jobs and extended unemployment benefits, please visit Rochester Unemployment Examiner. A new 99er video titled “We Need Jobs Bill, Not Bull” has been released by Unemployed Workers Action Group. The video will be introduced in a press release soon, but Kian Fredrick of UWAG gave Donalee […]

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