Mike: I hope you all have a fine weekend and that the Super Bowl is an entertaining game for us football fans. My prediction is Pittsburgh 31 – Arizona 27.  – – The following article details how the financial system can begin the purging of its corruption, greed, tax evasion and malfeasance by instituting enforceable […]

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Mike: Good day. The layoff announcements continued overnight as NEC announced plans to layoff 20,000 worldwide.    Mike: I’m sure most of you are aware of Internet scams promising wealth and riches beyond your wildest dreams, but as the economy continues to falter these scams will likely get more elaborate. I receive about 10 emails […]

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Mike: A couple readers have asked if I can add layoff rumors or announcements that miss the general news media reports. I’d be glad to offer that option, but I’ll need your input to make that happen. If you know of any layoff news or rumors that you  would like posted, feel free to either […]

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