layofflist on March 24th, 2010

I haven’t had time to update The Layoff List in a couple of weeks due to posting of unemployment extension updates at my site. If you are looking to stay informed about unemployment extensions, please visit Rochester Unemployment Examiner. Once you visit Rochester Unemployment Examiner you can review unemployment information, data and details that […]

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As soon as I heard Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid spew the following line after hearing of the February unemployment numbers, I immediately thought of Steven Colbert’s political comparison: Is George Bush a great president, or the greatest president? Let’s hear it from Harry Reid himself: Harry, let’s see if I can explain the difference […]

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Democrats and Republicans can’t even agree to give the consumer, you and I, some bare bones protections against the sharks and shysters who abuse, misuse and confuse consumers about student loans, credit card regulations and mortgage obligations. As I’ve said on many occasion, the two party system has degenerated into a single party that is […]

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