The GOP (@gop) and especially the GOP House of Representatives (@houseGOP) under the ‘leadership’ of Speaker John Boehner (@speakerboehner) have performed a remarkable feat of financial destruction to millions of unemployed and especially the long-term job seeker. While the Senate has passed an extension of unemployment that would last until the end of May, the […]

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Matt Taibbi is one of today’s foremost economic journalists who has the courage to tell the political class the truth about how the economic and judicial system is designed to be kind to the wealthy and harm the poor and middle class. I urge you to listen to his presentation. The video sound is somewhat […]

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If you are having a difficult time finding a US based job, why not consider Canada? Using an employment agency helps you find a wide selection of jobs in various fields. And an advantage to working in Canada is free universal healthcare. Canada has a rapidly growing energy sector that needs skilled trade, administrative workers, […]

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