Mike: I hope you all had an enjoyable weekend. Sorry about the crunching style of the post, but Google Chrome keeps working poorly of late and Firefox seems to eliminate line spacing. One of these days a browser will work as expected. – As it turns out the day was relatively light for layoff announcements. […]

Continue reading about April 6 – Motorola starts 2800 job cuts – Korean Ssangyong Motor to cut up to 2900 – Navistar’s last 345 laid off in Chatham – Ecco gives 1150 workers the boot – Mopani copper mine Zambia to lay off 1,500 – US job market weakens further in March – Sallie Mae to add 2,000 jobs to US

Mike: A tragic ending to the week as people were killed in a Binghamton, NY hostage taking. The day started on a sour note with the unemployment rate spiking to 8.5% and the day ends with the horrifying death of many innocents. Hopefully next week brings a period of good news. Till Monday….. In the […]

Continue reading about April 3 – Jobless rate jumps to 8.5 percent, 663,000 lose jobs – Shire to cut 260 – SR Technics to lay off 600 – 340 jobs lost: West Point Homes – MKS cuts 600 – Nationwide dismisses 480 – 330 jobs gone in Kansas City, Mo. – FedEx delivers bad news to 1,000 – Pratt and Whitney Canada dumps 1,000 – Disney slashes 1,900

Mike: Today brought us increasing unemployment claims and record continuing claims, but improved factory orders. Consumer loan delinquencies increased, but accounting rules were changed to protect banks and other financial institutions. As a result, the stock market shot higher, but hundreds of thousands lost their jobs. It wasn’t be a few months ago that increased […]

Continue reading about April 2 – Jobless claims jump to 669,000 (the highest since 1982) – Record 5.73 million remain on unemployment – Bombardier to chop another 3,000 – Swiss Re cuts 1,150 – Kohler taps 455 for layoffs – Postal Service to stamp out 1,490 jobs in 3 states