Mike: Thanks for visiting The Layoff List. The layoff announcements are surprisingly light this AM and I hope it stays that way. Today brings us retail sales numbers (ICSC-Goldman Store Sales,  Redbook) and the ISM Non-Mfg Index  report, which is a business activity index.  Bank stress test results are due on Thursday, but the government is […]

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                         Mike: Hello to all and thanks for visiting the new home of  The Layoff List. WordPress is giving me some trouble this Sunday, so updates may be delayed. Mike: Credit card legislative actions are long overdue, but NY Senator Charles Schumer has an odd way of describing the relationship between the so called “credit […]

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Mike: A good Thursday to one and all. Today’s Jobless Claims report came in at 631,000, which is 14,000 less than expected. That’s decent news, but it should not be taken as the final word, since the revised numbers have been higher each week for the past six months. On the other hand, a reduction in the […]

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