Mike: Jobless claims jump unexpectedly to 16-year high I am always amused by the fact that these useless headlines have lately stated that “Jobless claims jump unexpectedly.” What is so unexpected about higher than usual jobless claims. The country is going through one of the most encompassing financial disasters in almost a century and these people are surprised, yet they still have jobs. These clowns have a much worse record of prediction than the local weather caster, since they are right around 50% of the time.

Jobless claims jump unexpectedly to 16-year high


Mike: The markets are at levels not seen since 2003 and the worst is still to come even if there is a bounce off these lows. With companies having less to invest, the employment outlook does not look promising. The following map is form the Bureau of Labor Statistics @ http://www.bls.gov/eag/ and it shows the unemployment rates by state in 2008, as well as other labor stats:


BLS - Economy at a Glance

BLS - Economy at a Glance

 Mike: I’m still amazed, although I shouldn’t be, at the level of incompetence that is getting bailed out on a daily basis. Banks, former investment banks, insurance companies, and now the auto giants all want a piece of the dwindling taxpayer pie. 


Taxpayer Santa

Taxpayer Santa

Mike: The EU plans an economic stimulus plan to help get the consumer excited, but without direct investment in creating new jobs, it’s bound to be a short term fix:


Mike: Here are the latest job loss notes:

The Carolinas have escaped much of the downturn so far, but it’s beginning to catch up:

BofA CEO: Job loss will be ‘fairly significant’

Plath says, “Remember this economy is worsening as we speak and banks are continuing to layoff large numbers of people. That’s what B of A is responding too.”


N.J. Job Loss Highest Since 2003


Mike: The following are staggering job loss numbers and it’s only going to get worse:

Michigan jobless rate soars to 9.3%


Job cuts, deflation signal accelerating recession


If your employer hasn’t laid-off anyone yet, be ready, it could be coming soon. Four out of 10 Bay Area companies plan to decrease their workforce over the next six months, according to a new study by The Bay Area Council.


Mike: The rest of the world is buying less and that’s going to put a big dent into Chinese finances. Civil unrest is one of the results of continued job losses and that could make Tienanmen Square look like a minor disturbance:

BEIJING: Chinese leaders have finally admitted that the country is facing a “grim” situation on the employment front owing to the global economic crisis. An official survey has shown that demand for labour has fallen 5.5 per cent in the third quarter of this year across 84 different cities. 


Akamai Technologies, Inc. announced that it will cut 110 jobs, or about 7% of its work force, as part of its plan to reduce operating costs.


Local paper cuts six jobs: Independent Publishing Group, ME


Mike: While many have lost a great deal of financial security, it’s a shame that these same people didn’t learn anything from the dot.com bust, the Asian currency crisis, the 1987 crash and the stagflation of the 70s. Rose-colored glasses are fine for vacations but they are useless when planning your future.

Many grappling with golden year disappointments as nest eggs dwindle


Mike: The following is one group that won’t have a tough time finding clients:

Psychologist offers free counseling to unemployed


The Boeing Co. plans to cut 800 jobs, including management, at its Integrated Defense Systems facility in Wichita, Kan., next year.


Toledo Police Chief Mike Navarre yesterday said 22 civilian police employees will be laid off during Mayor Carty Finkbeiner’s three-day governmental shutdown.


Mike: Things are not very cheerful in the Toledo government workforce:

Unions file for restraining order blocking city layoffs


Toledo Powertrain puts 110 on two-week layoff


Intrawest announces layoffs but no specifics


WILMINGTON – ABX Air said it will lay off 158 employees, starting immediately and extending through Jan. 14.


EL PASO —  Arcelor Mittal’s Border Steel facility in Vinton has laid off 151 employees, according to company officials.


TechCrunch reports that recommendation startup Strands laid off 14 people, or 10 percent of its company, and mobile live video startup Qik also laid off 10 percent, or five people.


New jobless claims in Arizona hit 30-year high last month

PHOENIX — The number of new jobless claims in Arizona hit 30,000 in October, the first time that’s happened in three decades.


Mike: Not only is a slump in advertising hitting the shelter mags, but the housing market is playing a big role. 

As a slump in advertising continues to drag down the publishing industry, shelter magazines have been the first titles to collapse.

The latest is Cottage Living, which Time Inc. is shutting down. It becomes the fourth major shelter magazine to fold in the past 12 months. News reports say most of the magazine’s 47 staffers will be laid off


Downers Grove-based Sara Lee is getting out of the kosher meat business. The company Wednesday announced it will close its hot dog and meat processing plant in Chicago’s Bridgeport neighborhood.

The South Side plant closing means about 185 workers will lose their jobs within the next three months.


Niles auto-parts plant, which had been up for sale, announced it would be closing down in March and laying off nearly 200 workers after failing to find a buyer.


BUFFALO, W.Va. — The global slowdown in auto sales is prompting another cut in jobs in the Tri-State, this time by the Toyota Motor Manufacturing plant in Buffalo.

As part of company-wide cuts announced by Toyota on Wednesday, the engine and transmission plant in Buffalo will release 120 temporary workers by the end of January 2009, a plant official said Wednesday.


(Topeka, Indiana) – Recreational vehicle maker Starcraft will close its manufacturing plant here, putting 244 workers out of a job.


MOUNDSVILLE – Marshall County industry has taken another blow, as 70 more workers soon will find themselves without jobs.

On Wednesday, Jeffrey S. Bolton, plant manager for the Bayer MaterialSciences’ New Martinsville plant confirmed 70 of the plant’s 413 positions will be terminated next year as part of the company’s attempt to adjust the plant’s manufacturing operations.


Point Comfort Alcoa Plant May Close

In response to market conditions, there is every indication that AWAC will close in some of its higher cost production, most notably the Pt Comfort plant near Houston.


(Orville, Ohio) – Consumer products manufacturer Spectrum Brands will shut its plant here and put 88 workers out of a job.


Snorkel International could lay off approximately half of its current work force by Jan. 6, according to the company.


Mike: When the government starts laying off, then you know the screws are getting tighter.

The U.S. Postal Service will shutdown the Chattanooga Remote Encoding Center (REC) in April 2009, leaving 536 people to seek other jobs.


He said the window and door manufacture will cut its production to two lines and cut its workforce to a point of having 70 employees in place. McCaskill said the building and construction industry in the nation has been hit really hard, but TRACO has hung in there—to this point.


Mike: Even green jobs are getting the ax due to lousy financing conditions:

Tulsa Business Closing, Laying Off 131 Workers


Pilgrim’s Pride Corp. plans to cut about 335 more jobs by the end of the month, as the nation’s largest chicken producer looks to reduce costs.











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