Mike: While the markets were thrilled about the newest banking bailout, all that market noise on the upside did nothing to alleviate the job loss story. 

Mass layoffs are considered those of over 250. I will highlight any large layoffs, but it’s the smaller layoffs that seem to lose any national MSM recognition and those layoffs of less that 250 people are as important as those of higher numbers. Let’s take a late evening look at some of these job losses. 

Michigan is again in the news for all the wrong reasons:

Port Huron, MI – The JCIM plant in Croswell is closing by the end of the year, taking with it more than 100 jobs, said Dick Cummings of the United Way of St. Clair County.


Mike: A little suspicious:

(Blade, The (Toledo, OH) Via Acquire Media NewsEdge) Nov. 23–BELLEVUE, Ohio — A fire damaged the Progress Plastic Products factory in Bellevue Sunday, just days after an announcement that the plant would be shutting its doors.


‘It’s a shame’ — Pursell speaks on plant closing

The manufacturing operation of United Industries Corp. currently employs 77 full-time staff members.

Pursell said he knows a couple of the employees at the plant have been working there for more than 50 years.


Sioux Falls, S.D.-based VeraSun confirmed in a letter to farmers and elevator operators earlier this week it was closing at least one plant in Dyersville, Iowa.


UTMB began laying off about 600 workers per day Tuesday and will lay off the final 600 Monday to compensate for losses stemming from the Sept. 13 storm, which caused $710 million in damage to the campus.


Economic forecasters at the University of Michigan predicted Friday that the state is on track to reach a new milestone: 10 consecutive years of job losses.


Edith Edmonds at the Lee County Employment Security Commission has the numbers to confirm that. The most recent data for Lee County, which was released in September, indicates that 8.2 percent of the county’s labor force — or 2,259 people — are out of work.


A preliminary budget is scheduled to be released in early December, and Masser has already suggested that county positions may be cut. There are currently 912 employees on the county payroll, including 43 people hired in the last year.


HARRISONBURGPilgrim’s Pride will cut more than 300 jobs nationwide as it wrestles with the sluggish economy, the company announced in a statement Friday.


About 400 people are without jobs after auto dealer Denny Hecker announced he would close stores across the Twin Cities.


Mike: Violence and job loss are often related:

A Greece (NY) man is recovering from a gunshot wound, after, police said, they fired at him as he attempted to stab his wife.

Neighbors said the suspect had been under a lot of stress after losing his job. 


Mike: The following had a mass layoff of 300 last week, but the added 100 won’t be part of the mass layoff stats:

GREENWOOD, S.C. — A week after announcing more than 300 layoffs, a textile manufacturer has announced it’s letting more than 100 more workers go in South Carolina.


Local WaMu layoffs loom, perhaps as many as 2,000


Payson, AZ: Income drops $4.5 million, town to layoff 126 workers


Economy forces Buckeye to layoff 39 employees


ALBANY, N.Y. — Just a few weeks ago, the Comptroller estimated Wall Street job losses in the 10s of thousands, but in Monday’s report, Tom Dinapoli estimated unemployment numbers so big, they almost take a calculator to comprehend.


Mike: Tonight’s post is a little light in substance, but tomorrow will be much more active. Have a good evening.






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