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Today we had Consumer Sentiment come in at an improved 69 from May’s 68.7 (U.S. Michigan Consumer Sentiment Rose to 69 in June (Update1) – Bloomberg.com). As gas prices inch upward on a daily basis, this number is likely to stall. And if there is a real recovery down the road, then gas prices will jump to $3.50-$4.00 and that will put the consumer in a sour mood. For now, with relatively inexpensive gas, deals on purchasing vehicles and a stabilizing stock market, the consumer seems more cheerful regardless of continuing unemployment claims at a record 6.82 million and 9.4% unemployment, which is at its highest level since 1983. A consumer in a good mood is a spending consumer, so maybe this increased hopefulness will lead to additional jobs for those who are unemployed.

I found the following story interesting, since the bailed-out banks are trying to repay their TARP “loans” in order to rid themselves of any government oversight, especially that related to excessive pay and bonuses. It looks like business as usual for the corrupt and greedy banks while the taxpayer/government tries to clean up the economic mess left behind by these unethical and malevolent  banking barons.

A problem with government oversight isn’t in the proposals, which seem prudent, but in the execution of a plan, since so many elected and appointed federal officials have close ties with the banking scoundrels and will need a job with these firms once their government gigs end. The feds aren’t likely to slap or bite the hand that has and will likely again feed them……..

– June 11 (Bloomberg) — Lock up the booze, and hide your wallet. America’s most powerful, too-big-to-fail banks are turning in their TARP money. And you know what that means: It’s party time again on Wall Street.

Ten U.S. banks gained permission this week to buy back $68 billion of shares they issued to the government under the Troubled Asset Relief Program. And thank goodness for that. For eight months, they endured the twin nuisances of mass hysteria and populist scorn for blowing taxpayer money on employee bonuses and junkets. Now they can tell the rest of the country to kiss off. There’s nothing Barney Frank can do about it.

via Banks Trade TARP for Bonuses, Debauchery, Jets: Jonathan Weil – Bloomberg.com.

– Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner said yesterday that the administration is not interested in “capping pay” or “setting forth precise prescriptions for how companies should set compensation.” Instead, he said, the government wants to rein in pay practices that motivated executives to take excessive risks in pursuit of profit.

But with the spotlight now on executive pay practices, senior administration officials are moving to address concerns at firms well beyond those implicated in the crisis. Yesterday, officials proposed two pieces of legislation that separately empower shareholders and the Securities and Exchange Commission to exercise more oversight over executive compensation at all publicly traded firms.

via U.S. Targets Excessive Pay for Top Executives – washingtonpost.com.

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Ed Stein

Ed Stein

Mike: This is a carry-over from a post this week where I was showing how the media is professed to be “skeptical” of Obama, the stimulus and job creation. I believe the media has been decimated to a point of near collapse and as a result, the reporting is often shoddy and ill researched. Yet when looking at the stimulus picture as a whole, as the below author managed, there are some positive signs that the stimulus is saving jobs and preventing draconian cuts to health care and other programs. I’m not a Democrat or Republican, so it’s results that make me respond, not partisan politics and it looks like some areas are seeing benefits from the stimulus program. Was spending $700 billion a wise idea? Maybe not, but for all our sakes, let’s hope it produces some positive results……….

– That’s why I want to look at another set of information on this. The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities did a study looking at the impact of the stimulus on the budgets of New York and Virginia. These states are a great source of information because both had large projected budget shortfalls, and both had proposed budgets established before the recovery act was passed. The budgets they actually ended up with, then, which came after they had received significant federal aid, show us where cuts that were already planned got uncut.

The bottom line? In Virginia, the recovery funds closed 37% of the shortfall, and in New York, 31%.

via Daily Kos: Is the Recovery Act Working?.

Larger layoff announcements and important economic reports:

Navigation links to today’s stories:

Microsoft/Google/IBM and other Rumors & News

myspace– MySpace online social network is preparing for a “massive” round of layoffs, a source tells TechCrunch, while another pegs the number of cuts at between 300 and 500. The sources did not say whether the layoffs would affect parent company Fox Interactive Media — which also includes IGN, Photobucket and Flektor — but MySpace accounts for some 1,600 of the unit’s 2,900 employees.

via TechCrunch: “Massive” Layoffs Coming at MySpace | Digital Media Wire.

google– Google is reportedly cancelling a staff trip to Disneyland in an effort to cut costs as the recession begins to take its toll on the world’s biggest search engine. The news comes three months after Google cut 200 staff from its sales and marketing teams in the most significant round of redundancies it has made this year.

General Economic News

– The European Union’s statistics office Eurostat revealed that industrial production in the 16 countries that use the euro slumped by 1.9 percent in April from the previous month. That was way more than the 1 percent decline expected in the markets and stoked worries that the recession in the euro zone may not yet have bottomed out, as some had hoped.

“April’s euro-zone industrial production figures provide few signs that the negative effects from destocking and the collapse in global trade are waning,” said Ben May, European economist at Capital Economics.

via European stocks fall after grim industrial data – Yahoo! Finance.


U.S. import prices rose 1.3 percent in May, the Labor Department said on Friday, but the gain was powered by petroleum prices and underlying import price pressures were more muted.

via U.S. import prices rise on petroleum | Special Coverage | Reuters .

U.S. consumer confidence rose to a nine-month high in June, a survey showed on Friday, but inflation gauges showed worrisome signs of price increases that could slow any recovery from the longest recession since the Great Depression.

via WRAPUP 1-US consumer mood at 9-mth high, price worries emerge | Markets | Markets News | Reuters .


– Whereas the foreclosure crisis began with the collapse of the mortgage market, it has been exacerbated this year by the increase in unemployment. In a recent report, researchers at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston argued that unemployment is driving foreclosures. They recommended that anti-foreclosure policy should focus on helping unemployed homeowners.

On May 20 Obama signed a “Hope for Homeowners” (http://portal.hud.gov/portal/page?_pageid=73,7601299&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL) bill to make it easier for people to qualify for a program featuring government-insured mortgages.  The administration said that only 55,000 homeowners were enrolled in the program as of May. Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner told a Senate panel Tuesday that he won’t know for several months whether the program will be successful.

via Foreclosures rise with unemployment | Geithner says more time is needed.

– Pennsylvania will lose 90 dealers — the most of any state — out of its 370 dealers. That’s nearly 25 percent. The names and communities haven’t been made public.

GM revealed the criteria it used in selecting closing dealers:

• 50 percent of the rating was based sales performance.

• 30 percent was customer satisfaction.

• Profitability and capitalization each counted for 10 percent.

Dealers whose score was less than 70 got termination notices.

via 58 Michigan dealers axed | detnews.com | The Detroit News.

Don Wright

Don Wright

Mike: The following article shows how the least able to cope during a recession are the ones who often suffer the most. Maybe instead of giving corporations millions in stimulus dollars for unfullfilled job promises, they could give some money to vital programs such as Meals on Wheels:

CCCOA officials said the Committee suspended 112 recipients out of their “Meals on Wheels” program because of looming budget deficits, growing populations and rising food and gas prices.

via Star Community Newspapers.

Government Layoff News

-More than 1,500 pink slips are going out today. The cuts are far deeper than expected, and they are across the board. But the biggest cuts will happen in streets and sanitation. That department will pare down by 323 positions. The water department is also taking a big hit. It will lose 295 people. Aviation will shrink by 147, 120 are going throughout city libraries and there are significant cuts in other departments as well, including health and fire.

via 1500 City Workers To Be Laid Off Today.

– More than 1,500 city employees — 400 more than anticipated — will receive layoff notices today, one day after union leaders boycotted Mayor Daley’s 11th-hour appeal for shared sacrifice over job cuts.

— ESCONDIDO —- The city released a plan Wednesday to cut $2 million from its operating budget primarily by laying off 25 employees, including 10 emergency medical technicians, seven engineers and two Police Department workers who handle cold-case homicides.

via ESCONDIDO: City plans to save $2M by laying off 25 employees : North County Times – Californian 06-10-2009.

– Tecumseh Public Schools finalize layoffs, board member resigns as steps for recall petition begin

via Tecumseh Public Schools finalize layoffs, board member resigns as steps for recall petition begin | Tecumseh Herald.

– Story County Sheriff Paul Fitzgerald issued a release Thursday saying that budget cuts on the county level have resulted in the loss of four positions within the sheriff’s department resulting in a public safety issue.

via Ames Tribune > Ames Tribune > News.

– METHUEN — Mayor William Manzi says that either every city employee takes a 10 percent pay cut and gives up longevity benefits for a year, or 40 to 45 workers will be laid off.

via Methuen facing 40 to 45 layoffs – EagleTribune.com, North Andover, MA.

– – – GARY | The city of Gary is expected to lay off an unknown number of city workers Friday, at least 11 of which are union employees, a union official confirmed.

via Gary to lay off workers Friday / nwi.com.

– TRAVERSE CITY — Eighteen teachers in Traverse City’s public schools will be out of a job this September as the district grapples with a looming budget deficit and declining enrollment.

via Traverse City Record-Eagle – Article: TCAPS teacher layoffs now up to 18.

– LANSING, Mich. – Michigan’s top corrections official said Tuesday she expects fewer than 500 employees to be laid off as a result of the state closing three prisons and five prison camps later this year.

via Mich. official expects under 500 prison layoffs — chicagotribune.com.

– In a nutshell, the state has not finalized a budget, but based on budget proposals, the state Department of Public Instruction recommended McDowell cut 25.5 teaching positions, 23 teacher assistants, one instructional support position and two literacy coaches.

via Teachers, assistants lose jobs.

– KELSEYVILLE Nine elementary school teachers will get pink slips after a more than three-hour special meeting of the Kelseyville Unified School District Board of Trustees Wednesday night.

via Kelseyville cuts nine teaching positions – www.record-bee.com.

– WESLACO – Weslaco’s police chief and four other administrators are out of work.

via Weslaco Police Chief, Four Others Laid Off – KRGV NEWSCHANNEL 5 – The Rio Grande Valley’s News Channel – Breaking News, Breaking Stories, Breaking the Mold – RGV News .

– About 200 non-teaching school workers in the Tucson Unified School District will get notice next week that they’ll be out of a job.

via TUSD job cuts hit about 200 non-teaching staff members | www.azstarnet.com ®.

– MARION – Elgin Local Schools will be shy an art program and 20 teaching positions following a reduction-in-force passed by the school board on Monday.

via Elgin cuts 20 teaching positions | marionstar.com | The Marion Star.

– AIKEN — Forty-seven Aiken County School District employees are out of jobs next school year as the district continues to look for ways to save money in the ever tightening budget.

via Aiken County schools cut 47 aides 061309 – The Augusta Chronicle.

– The Craven County Board of Education voted Thursday to cut 48 contracted teachers and employees for the upcoming school year.

US and some Canada Layoff News

cessna2– WICHITA, Kan. — Cessna Aircraft Co., the nation’s largest builder of corporate jets, has announced an additional 1,300 layoffs. The cuts mean the company will have slashed its work force in half since the recession began. The recession has hurt demand for corporate jets.

via Cessna Aircraft plans 1,300 new layoffs – National Business – MiamiHerald.com.

cessna3– WICHITA | Cessna Aircraft Co., the nation’s largest builder of corporate jets, has announced an additional 1,300 layoffs. The number means the company will have slashed its work force in half since the recession began.

via Cessna Aircraft announces 1,300 new layoffs – Kansas City Star.

a-air1– Update: American Airlines says it plans to cut about 1,600 jobs, news that followed the company’s comments yesterday that it would make deeper capacity cuts than previously announced. The job cuts, which represent about 2% of AA’s workforce, came in a memo to workers Thursday afternoon from AA senior vice president Jeff Brundage, The Associated Press reports. In the memo, Brundage says: “These are trying times in the airline industry and our economy. The recession has taken a disproportionate toll on airlines and there is no easy way to announce yet more bad news.”

– A Stanley-LaBounty employee has confirmed the layoffs went into effect yesterday. 31 workers were laid off across the board. Warehouse and maintenance workers as well as employees from the welding, assembly and machine shops were affected.

via WDIO.com – 31 Workers Laid Off At Stanley-LaBounty.

– Everett-based Frontier Bank, which has been hit hard by the slump in the local housing market, said today it has laid off about 45 workers, or 6 percent of its 760-person workforce.

via Business & Technology | Frontier Bank lays off 45 employees | Seattle Times Newspaper.

– Bass Berry & Sims has laid off 32 employees, including 10 associate attorneys.

via Bass, Berry & Sims lays off 32 employees – Memphis Business Journal:

– Lay-offs continue in the Mankato area, as Carlson Craft announces today that they are cutting their workforce by 114 positions.

via Carlson Craft Lays Off 114 | keyc.tv.

– Newport Television cut 33 full- and part-time jobs at six stations and is requiring all its 2,000 employees to take two weeks off without pay through year’s end to cut costs in the struggling economy.

via Newport Television cuts jobs, starts furloughs – Kansas City Business Journal: .

– Symmetricom Inc. said Friday it plan to cut about 30 positions, or 4 percent of its total work force, in a move that will save the company about $3.5 million yearly.

via Symmetricom to cut 30 jobs – Silicon Valley / San Jose Business Journal: .

university-of-minnesota– St. Paul, Minn. — The president of the University of Minnesota will recommend a reduction of 1,200 jobs in a budget proposal to the school’s board of regents today.

via MPR: Bruininks proposes cutting 1,200 jobs at U of M.

– NORTH MANKATO, Minn. (AP) – A wholesale printing company in southern Minnesota says it’s eliminating 114 positions.

Carlson Craft of North Mankato made the layoffs Thursday in its effort to adapt to the current economic downturn.

via North Mankato printing company eliminates 114 jobs – KTTC Rochester, Austin, Mason City News, Weather and Sports.

– Zimmer Inc. has eliminated 100 employees in Warsaw as part of what the company refers to as “modest changes” in its operations worldwide.

via Zimmer cuts 100 jobs in Warsaw | The Journal Gazette, Fort Wayne, Ind..

– Center Theatre Group, the West Coast’s largest nonprofit stage company, has laid off 12 employees

via Center Theatre Group lays off a tenth of its staff | Culture Monster | Los Angeles Times.

– Alcan Rolled Products laid off 29 salaried employees last week, Mark Zelazny, Communications Manager said. The company blames the economy and unfavorable market conditions.

via More Layoffs Hit Ravenswood.

– The one hundred layoffs are at Premier Elkhorn Coal Company’s PE 4 and PE 5 mines… one in Pike County, the other at the Pike-Letcher County border. Officials say the market for coal is down.

– Capital Guardian Trust Co. will lay off 94 employees at its San Antonio campus.

via Capital Guardian Trust to trim nearly 100 positions in San Antonio – San Antonio Business Journal: .

– And as predicted, McGeveran cut a third of the 30 to 40 person edit team, including managing editor Jesse Wegman, executive editor Peter Stevenson; national correspondent Joe Conason; movie reviewer Andrew Sarris; editors Damian Da Costa, Matt Haber, Chris Shott and John Vorwald; reporters Spencer Morgan and Doree Shafrir, writer George Gurley and photo editor Alana Kaloshi was also let go.

via Layoffs at New York Observer – Fashion Memopad – WWD.com.

– The billionaire’s Berkshire Hathaway-owned Borsheim’s has laid off 13 employees. Company spokeswoman Adrienne Fay on Tuesday confirmed the cutbacks at the jewelry company.

via Omaha’s Borsheim’s cuts 13 from work force – NTV – KHGI/KWNB/WSWS-CA – Where your news comes first. – Grand Island, Kearney, Hastings, Lincoln | .

– OLIVE BRANCH, Miss.—Sherwin Williams Co. plans to close operations at the company’s Olive Branch facility by year’s end, affecting a total of 157 employees.

via Sherwin Williams to close Olive Branch facility – Boston.com.

– The Horsham, Pa., provider of diet meals services didn’t say how many people it had let go. A call to the person who handles its investor relations was not immediately returned.

via NutriSystem cuts jobs, ends ZeroWater investment – Philadelphia Business Journal: .

– About 70 workers will lose their jobs when NAL Worldwide LLC shuts down some of its Fort Wayne operations, the company said.

via NAL Worldwide to cut 70 jobs in city | The Journal Gazette, Fort Wayne, Ind..

– More than 200 people will lose their jobs when KSR International (Dresden Industrial) ends production in Stratford in mid-August.

The closure of the Erie Street brake and accelerator pedal assembly plant is the latest blow to Stratford’s hard-hit manufacturing sector, which saw another longstanding factory, Crane Canada (American Standard ULC), shut in May with the loss of 110 jobs.

via KSR plant closing – The Beacon Herald – Ontario, CA .

– This was the second staff cut by the nonprofit in the last 12 months. The nonprofit laid off about 10 percent of its staff last September. After this new round of cuts, UWCA has 47 employees.

via United Way cuts more staff – Austin Business Journal: .

– LITTLE ROCK — Grocery wholesaler Affiliated Foods Southwest has slashed its employee base to about 58 workers, down from 560 before its bankruptcy filing last month, a company official said Thursday.

via Ailing Affiliated Foods’ staff cut to 58.

– As FIRST Reported by RBR/TVBR in Thursday’s PM report and on RBR.com, veterans George Hyde and Mike Mahone are out as CEO Jeff Haley reorganizes the Radio Advertising Bureau. Also, more staff reductions in Dallas. And the annual RAB conference will move to the fall to align with the NAB Radio Show.

via Radio Business Report/Television Business Report – Voice of the Broadcasting Industry.

ford-foundation– The Ford Foundation is offering buyouts to a third of its 550 employees to cut costs, following a 30% drop in its endowment.

via Ford Foundation eyes deep staff cuts – Crain’s New York Business.

pbs– Beginning July 1st, PBS will impose a 3.85 percent pay cut on employees, and all pay raises have been cancelled. The pay cut is scheduled to last for 6 months. January, 2010 will bring reductions of PBS’ contribution to employee retirement benefits, from 8% to 6% of salary, whihch will also last for 6 months.

via PBS Announces Cutbacks, Pay Cuts For Employees.

blue-cross-blue-shield-BlueCross has a June 15 meeting in which health management provider service department employees are expected to learn if they will be impacted by the layoffs, according to sources who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

via Alabama BlueCross cuts jobs, citing economic downturn – Birmingham Business Journal: .

– Nearly 400 York County workers will be out of a job next year when a German-owned auto parts plant ends production at its York location.

Hella Lighting Corp. officials cited difficult market conditions and “insufficient business” in the U.S. automotive industry for its decision to close the factory at York Industrial Park in May 2010. Hella will shift all U.S. manufacturing to Mexico and Eastern Europe, according to an announcement from the company.

via Hella to close York plant, lay off nearly 400 workers | The Herald – Rock Hill, SC.

– Quantum Engineering Inc., a subsidiary of Louisville-based Safetran Systems Corp., will be closing its operations in Orange Park, Fla., by September.

via Safetran unit laying off 88 – Business First of Louisville: .

– Jennifer Jordan and Megan Vega are the latest victims of the slumping economy and budget-slashing at WWOR/Ch. 9.

via New Ch. 9 cuts hit 2 reporters: Jennifer Jordan and Megan Vega .

– SCRANTON – Citing an enrollment loss of 653 students in Luzerne and Lackawanna counties and a budget deficit totaling $1.8 million, the Diocese of Scranton announced the elimination of 55 teaching positions in the school systems that serve the two counties.

via Diocese to cut more teachers | Wilkes-Barre News | The Times Leader .

– Five months after purchasing TV Guide Network, Lionsgate Entertainment has cut the struggling channel’s work force by 38 positions — about 11 percent of its staff.

via TV Guide Network Axes Staff, Restructures | The Wrap.

– The job shedding continues at Baxter Healthcare Corp., with another 65 positions being cut at its Pinellas Park operation by August.

via Baxter Healthcare cuts 65 more jobs in Pinellas Park – St. Petersburg Times.

– BATON ROUGE – State colleges and universities along with health care and research facilities were advised to finish preparations for deep budget cuts, which are expected to be effective July 1.

LSU System President Dr. John Lombardi directed the institutions Friday to finalize their plans for steep cuts as the state looks to slash its budget amid a $1.7 billion shortfall.

via LSU schools ready to slash and burn budgets | News for New Orleans, Louisiana | Top Stories | News and Weather for New Orleans | wwltv.com .

– Gallup said Friday it had cut 26 employees from its Omaha workforce of about 900.

Another 12 employees lost their jobs at other Gallup offices around the country.

via Omaha.com – The Omaha World-Herald.

International Layoff News

– More than 200 workers in Taree on the northern New South Wales coast are about to lose their jobs because a major manufacturing plant is closing.

Visiocorp Australia says the economic downturn has severely affected its Taree plant, which produces lamps, switches and electronics for car-makers.

via ABC Mid North Coast NSW – 200 Taree jobs lost as manufacturing plant shuts down.

– Workers at the OneSteel Whyalla plant have until today to express an interest in taking a voluntary redundancy package.

via Time running out for OneSteel redundancies – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation).

– Managing director Peter Hall said that James Walker & Co Ltd had to make the redundancies at its Cockermouth manufacturing site and its sales site in Crewe after a slump in orders.

via Times & Star | News | Business | Job losses hit major Cockermouth firm .

– Guardian News & Media, publisher of the Guardian and Observer newspapers, is cutting more than 80 roles across its commercial operations.

via Guardian News & Media to cut 80 commercial roles, with 32 redundancies | Media | guardian.co.uk .

– FIVE hundred workers at Anglesey Aluminium have been warned of possible redundancies if the smelting firm fail in their bid for cheap electricity from Wylfa Power Station.

via Redundancy warning at Anglesey Aluminium – North Wales Chronicle

gavel8– Ryan wrote to staff yesterday with a seven-point plan that laid out proposals for part-time working arrangements and sabbaticals, increasing staff deployment between offices, increasing client secondments, reducing costs, implementing a pay freeze and making job losses.

via Pinsents to launch redundancy talks | News | The Lawyer.

– Employees at the north Lincolnshire depot downed tools this morning after being told that a number of staff, thought to be 50, were being made redundant.

via Lindsey oil refinery workers walk out in redundancies row | Business | guardian.co.uk .

– New World Resources (NWR), owner of the largest Czech hard coal mines, plans to cut up to 3,000 jobs by the end of the year, a spokeswoman said on Thursday, the latest job losses for central Europe’s faltering economies.

via Czech miner NWR plans 3,000 job cuts this year | Industries | Energy | Reuters .

– Alexander Wrabetz, general director of Austrian public broadcaster ORF has threatened major job cuts if ORF’s workers’ council doesn’t meet his target of chopping 440 positions, Austrian media reported Thursday.

via ORF boss threatens major job cuts.

– SOME 279 staff at a major Welsh dairy are to lose their jobs as no buyers have been found for the loss-making operation.

via WalesOnline – News – Wales News – 279 jobs to go at bankrupt dairy.

– Newspaper publisher and commercial printer Transcontinental Inc. (TCL.B-T9.00—-%) says it will lay off another 250 workers, but didn’t specify which operations will be affected by the cutback.

via Transcontinental to cut another 250 jobs – The Globe and Mail.

volvo2– Volvo said in a statement that it has signed an agreement to cut working hours at the unit, reducing salary costs by 10% during the agreement period, which will run from 1 July until the end of March 2010.

via VOLVY Sweden’s Volvo to reduce work hours to save jobs at Powertrain unit.

– HUNDREDS of workers at Coventry firm CovPress fear for their future after being laid off.

More than 300 members of staff arrived at CovPress on Tuesday, only to be sent home.

via Coventry Telegraph – News – Coventry News – CovPress announce 300 job losses.

– More than 200 jobs are to go from Gloucestershire County Council over the next two years as the authority faces a £60m funding gap, it is announced.

Hiring News and News You Can Use

– LOCKPORT – Internet giant Yahoo! has apparently chosen the Town of Lockport Industrial Park as the site for its East Coast data center, project to one day employ up to 125 people.

via Yahoo! chooses Lockport site, 125 jobs to follow : Home: The Buffalo News.

– BOSTON – The highest court in Massachusetts has ruled that fired or laid off employees must be paid for unused vacation time.

The Supreme Judicial Court ruling Thursday backed state Attorney General Martha Coakley’s interpretation of the state Wage Act.

Coakley’s office argued that vacation time is part of an employee’s wages, so a company must compensate a worker for unused time earned before he or she was let go.

via Mass. court: pay fired workers for unused vacation – Yahoo! News.

– With plans to upgrade both its Chattanooga plants, Dixie Industries aims to double its work force and add about 120 jobs in the city, officials said Thursday.

via Chattanooga Times Free Press | Dixie Industries adding 120 jobs.

– National Grid (NYSE: NGG) today signed a contract with the NorthEast Power Alliance (NEPA) for work on transmission projects that will create more than 500 jobs in upstate New York in the next five years.

via CNYBJ:Single News Article.

– EBay has taken Utah up on tax incentives offered in May and will expand its customer-support operations in Draper by 200 more employees, according to an announcement made Thursday at the monthly meeting of the Governor’s Office of Economic Development Board.

via Deseret News | EBay to add 200 jobs at Draper facility.

– Plans to build smaller nuclear reactors could be a big boon for the company’s Cambridge plant

via TheRecord.com – Business – Babcock & Wilcox expected to add 500 jobs .

– NDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – An Indianapolis based marketing software company will be adding 100 new jobs.

via Right on Interactive adding 100 jobs.

– HAMILTON – U.S. Steel is calling 800 laid off Hamilton employees back to work, breathing some life back into its mothballed Canadian operations.

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Mike: I hope you all have a fine weekend. I’ll update this post with any late breaking news………………………

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