Due to receiving more than 200 letters thus far from those who submitted letters to the House Ways and Means Subcommittee on Income Security and Family Support , I need to create multiple posts.

The House Ways and Means Subcommittee on Income Security and Family Support is held a hearing on June 10 titled: Hearing on Responding to Long-Term Unemployment. I asked readers of Rochester Unemployment Examiner to send me letters they wrote to the Committee that they also wanted to have published here.* Below are some of those letters. I’ll be posting other letters as I receive permission.

There is still time to write; you can submit letters to House Ways and Means Subcommittee on Income Security and Family Support is holding a hearing until the close of business on June 24.

I want to thank all of you for including me in your letters to the Hearing. I will do my best to reply to each and everyone of you in a timely fashion.

From A.L. in FL:

HELP! – 99ers Need TIER 5 TO SURVIVE

I have been actively searching for work for over a year. I have sent out over 400 resumes and have been interviewed a total of 9 times. At these interviews I always ask, how many others are being considered for this position? The answer has never been less than 18. Three times, after going through the interview process the job was frozen or canceled.

I am presently working for the Census. This will end on June 27th and then I will once again have no income. There have not been any new listings on any of my job search sights in over three weeks. I keep hearing about new jobs. Where are they?

Last April, my benefits hit the 99th week. At that point I had no income, my savings are completely exhausted and I am in great fear of losing my first house – which I was finally able to purchase only two years ago. I put $50,000.00 down on an $80,000.00 house – it is insane that I cannot afford my mortgage payments. Government programs are of no help to me – since I have no other debt and no dependents. I have done everything ‘right’ all my life and there appears to be no aid for people like me.

There are NO jobs. Not part time, full time or temporary in southwest Florida.

Tier Five needs to be put in place ASAP and last for a minimum of 20 weeks or until jobs begin to appear again. All the unemployed need your support to add Tier 5 to unemployment benefits.

Thank You,

From M.N. in AL:

Dear Chairman McDermott:

My name is M.N.  I wrote you on June 07, 2010 via email.

I thought I was on my tier 4, but apparently I was drawing the rest of my HEB benefits in Alabama.  I received my final Payment notice today in the mail.  My question is what do I do now?  I have been unemployed since June 15, 2008.  I had two more weeks on my HEB, but can not even finish drawing that because the Senate will not pass the bill the House has already passed.

I have a 6 year old son and a 6 year old grandson that resides at my residence.  What do I tell them?  Oh, we don’t have electricity because Mommy/Grand Mommy can’t find a job in this economy.  We may be on the streets in a couple of months because I can’t pay the mortgage that I have paid for almost 20 years now.

I can’t get a loan because my credit is shot from all of this.  I love them dearly as I know you love your family.  I am not embarrased to say I am crying while I write this letter.  I do not know what our future is.  If it were just me it would be different, but I have those two little boys that count on me.

If I would have been able to keep up my life insurance policy premiums, they might would have had a chance in this cruel world.  I don’t even have that to offer them.  I have nothing to offer them at this point.

I have already sold everything that had any value except my television, because I believe they deserve to at least be able to have that entertainment.  I’ve kept my computer to be able to to file my unemployment and for information, but I guess those things will be next, if I can find a ride to the pawn shop.  You see my car just blew a head gasket and I don’t have the money to fix it.  So, I have been getting rides from who ever I can to seek work and buy groceries.

I draw food stamps, but if I don’t have a address I won’t even get that.  Welfare is only $187.00 a month here.  That won’t even touch my mortgage much less my utilities.

I am 46 years old, I never thought my older years would be like this.  NEVER!  I thought this would be a time that I would be able to enjoy the American Dream I have worked so hard for.

This Country is based on GOD!  I refuse to blame him like alot of other people are doing.  This is SATAN’S work not GOD’s.

This may be the last letter I get to write.  It depends on when they will cut off my internet or how fast I will have to sell my computer.  I realize you are trying to help and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for that!  May God bless you and yours!

Respectfully submitted,

From N.G. in TN:

Date: June 10, 2010

Open letter on Tier 5 Unemployment to Congress and the President

RE: Hearing on Responding to Long-Term Unemployment

I have now been unemployed since December 2007 when the company I worked for went bankrupt, putting a great many people out of a job.  I had been employed there for close to 10 years.  Having searched for other jobs, I realize I am handicapped now by my age (now 67), and that, even though I am willing and able, none of the companies I applied to seemed to be ‘willing and able’ to hire me.

Our jobs are gone.

In some cases, our homes are gone.

In other cases, our families are gone, split up by the lack of money with which to hold body and soul (and family) together.

In too many cases, all hope is gone for a decent recovery from our long term unemployment crisis.

We are told to ‘sit on the back burner’, ‘don’t rock the boat’, and ‘go find a job, any job’.

There is no shame in ‘flipping burgers at MickeyD’s” but neither is there enough wage to pay the rent or mortgage, along with necessary utilities.

No money to dress children as they need to be dressed in order to send them to school.

No money to feed those same children as they deserve to be fed.

Wholesome and well thought out meals have long ago flown out the window along with our savings, any thought of improvement to our situation no longer enters our dreams at night.

What dreams, you may ask? Those dreams each of us in this great country should be able to have:

1). dreams of a free America,

2). dreams of a supportive America,

3). dreams of an equal-for everyone America,

4.) dreams of a pull-yourself-up-by-your-bootstraps America.

It is, however, rather difficult to “pull-yourself-up-by-your-bootstrap’s” when:

A.) you have no boots,

B.) you have no inkling of how to get any boots

C). you wouldn’t know what to do with said boots, even if you had them

What is the answer to this dilemma, you ask? Now, if I knew the answer to that question, I would now be richer than Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, combined. And, more famous, than, say, Elvis.

What the answer is NOT, however, I can tell you, should you care enough to ask.  And, should you care enough to listen.

The answer is NOT to cut off unemployment benefits to the thousands, yea, millions, of unemployed workers who are depending on their own government of the “We, the people”, “One Nation Under God” United States of America, to see them through this national catastrophe of unimagined, historic, unequaled lack of jobs in a time of recession such as has not been seen since my own mother, herself, was but a young, married woman, starting a family with my dad in the early 1930’s in this country.

The answer is NOT to sit in a position of power, in our Congress or Presidental offices, and be  glib about those who are out of work, through no fault of their own.

The answer is NOT to say, “OK, we will take care of SOME of these of the unemployed, but the rest of them – the long-term unemployed – will have to wait from June until November before we will address the issue of whether they may live or die”.

The answer is NOT to say, “Oh, but we must FIRST balance the budget before we see that you are fed”.

What to do? What to do?

Each individual, plus friends, family and any who are affected by this national unemployment crisis: Call, write, email to your Congressman, Senator, President, Vice President, Speaker of the House, etc.  Let your own views be known.

We, the People, are not too proud to ask for help, when help is sorely needed.

From J.P. in FL:

Honorable Senate Committee:

I have worked hard, played by all the “rules”—like saving for a “rainy day”—but at the age of 60, I have lost everything!  Gone are my 401(k) s, company retirement, savings, emergency savings, stocks and bonds—everything!  I was laid off, due to no fault of my own, on February 15, 2008.  Since that time, I have applied for hundreds of jobs.  I averaged sending out 3 resumes per day. (I have records to prove this statement).

My profession for the last 15 years has been in the Information Technology field. Until 2008, it was a very lucrative field.  I progressed from systems analyst to Vice President over the years.  I’ve worked as both a full-time employee and as a consultant/contractor for such corporations as:  General Motors, Sprint, AT&T, Wachovia Bank, CSX transportation, General Dynamics, Honeywell Space & Strategic Avionics, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cap Gemini and several others.

In an effort to find work, I offered my services to companies at less than ½ of the six-digit income I’ve had.  I even applied to service companies for minimum large jobs.   Always I was told “you are over qualified” or “you’ll leave as soon as the economy returns” and so forth.

Things are now desperate.  If it were not for the graciousness of my ex-wife, I would be a homeless person.  I’ve received the maximum amount of unemployment and am currently receiving $200.00 per month from Food Stamps.

I’ve seen US companies out-source jobs to specialized companies both here in the US and especially overseas.  It’s ironic.  It seems that the companies where I’ve worked, for the last 10 years, have brought in more and more foreign workers to do American jobs.  These jobs do not lack skilled Americans.  But some of the companies bring over foreign workers on special work visas and pay them half of the regular salary.  They put 3 or 4 foreign workers in two-bedroom apartments.

Now, at 60 years old, I –who at times was either affluent or in the upper-middle class – have nothing!  I worked my way through college, receiving United Defense loans, and academic scholarships.  (My parents who began as share croppers in Alabama moved to Michigan and made a better life for themselves, but were not able to help with college.)

.Now, I’ve worked hard—very hard—and well for many years.  In the last 10 years I’ve averaged between 55 and 60 hours per week.  Now I feel like the old saying: “I’ve been rode hard, put up wet, and put out to pasture”.  I cannot afford Cobra.  So you can guess what’s happening in my life medically.

I’ve tried to find assistance to upgrade my already superb skills by getting a Masters Degree.  But Pell Grants are only for those who do not have a Bachelors degree.

How can Congress finance 2 wars,  the rebuilding of Iraq and Afghanistan, assist Haiti (which I whole-heartedly endorse), bail out Wall Street and failing companies like General Motors, whose CEOs received obscene compensation for failing, but NOT have compassion for those who have exhausted their unemployment? Many of us honest and hard-working Americans have exhausted all Tiers of unemployment benefits (Tiers 1 through 4).  We urgently need a Tier 5 that extends through 2010.

So, I plead with you to extend unemployment benefits for those who want to work, have always worked, but are unemployed due to no fault of their own.  Without help, the future looks bleak!

Help! Please!

Respectfully but Desperately Yours

From G.C. in OH:

Dear Sirs;

I am writing in support of those of us who have been unemployed more than six months.

On October 2, 2009 I was laid off for the first time in my working life, spanning 39 years. Having been a tax paying contributing citizen, it is deeply disturbing to me that myself and millions like me seem to have been forgotten, or treated as castoffs. What I mean by this is, I do not want to be unemployed, I want to go back to work more than I can adequately express in words.

Sometimes I feel so alone, almost as if I were a ghost no one can see. It’s as if the President and Congress don’t care, yet we spend billions on wars, but can’t find a solution for all of us who want to go back to work. I cannot imagine what the people, and their families, who have been out of work for 99 or more weeks must be going through. I urge you not to forget about us for we are all still out here, we still very much want to contribute!!

Now before anyone writes me off as someone who wants to stay on unemployment benefits, let me assure you that nothing could be further from the truth. I am active in three different local job search workshop groups, networking with people and I apply daily for positions, sometimes 4-5 per day. I believe I have a right to find gainful employment and it is very frustrating to be looked upon otherwise.


From C.Z. in NJ:

s is written to express my feelings on continuing the emergency federal unemployment program.

My story is just like many.  I am a single woman, 58 years of age and have been unemployed since November, 2008.  On May 31, 2010, in addition to the many other hardships of being unemployed, I have just lost my health insurance coverage.  I do not know why I should be surprised or upset, due to the fact that I have already lost my home to foreclosure and have exhausted nearly all of my savings just to survive.  I had to relocate to Warren County, New Jersey from Union County, New Jersey due to the change in my circumstances.  I cannot secure employment.  I was advised by someone in NJ Unemployment to “hide my age” by not listing 30+ years on one particular job.  I have applied to every listing for legal secretary, administrative assistant, clerk, clerical worker, salesgirl, etc. that has been posted on each and every website within my area.  I also attempted to secure gainful employment before I was forced out of my home in Union County.  I exhausted my retirement/savings account rather than turning to the government for welfare.  I have never collected any public assistance, but I guess my time has come.  In addition, because I had to use my retirement monies to survive, the IRS is assessing huge penalties on me something in excess of $4,500+, they have only gotten that far as of yet, penalties may be higher.  Amazing!!!!!!!  Apparently, the IRS does not think that I used the money for hardship purposes.  I guess not having a job nor a place to live does not count either. But, all in all, at least I had the funds at the time to exhaust — never realizing that I could have been just like the others who relied on the government to support them.  Now that I need to have unemployment extended for emergency reasons, I must suffer.

I am (or was) a legal secretary with several years of experience (30+ years).  I have attempted to get a job with the State, but was denied employment.  I have attempted to secure employment within a municipality but was denied employment.  I have applied to jobs that are more than one-half less than what I was earning.  I search for a job each and every day and even on the days when I am told “to give it a rest” by family members who are concerned for my health and well being.

I have worked all of my life (since age 17).  I, along with millions, need this extra measure of support as I endeavor to obtain employment.  Without this, we have no means of support.  Where do people in my age bracket go?  Too young not to work but too old to work????? What about the younger people who have children to feed and house?  Where do they go?  I describe myself as frightened and scared.  How do these other people with families to feed and house describe themselves?

There is money for everything else, such as wars, tax cuts, bank bailouts and numerous other things but nothing for the people that have worked all of their lives and really need support.  We must not be abandoned.

Please help

From J.V. in CT:

Dear Committee Members:

RE: Hearing on Responding to Long-Term Unemployment

This week is my anniversary, though it’s not a celebratory event.  Instead, it marks the time when two years ago this week, I was let go, downsized from my job of 20+ years.

I started at that company when I was young, in my 20s. I am now 51 years old.

During my unemployment, I’ve continued to hone my skills by taking online classes (both paid and through Department of Labor), upgrading my computer software and I even went back to school at night and earned my web design certification.

I have applied to well over 200 jobs for which I believed I was qualified, or at least qualified enough to be called in to interview.  Some jobs were within my field, and most paid way less than I had been making, and a number of them paid just above minimum wage.

The majority of my resumes were never acknowledged; those that were, never went past the receipt acknowledgement.  A number of my fellow unemployed, in and out of my field, report the same experience.

Is it age discrimination? Is it unemployment discrimination? Is it the fact that there are still millions of “us” looking and just so many jobs?  I don’t know the answer.

I only know that I have worked since I was 14.  I know that I’ve never, in my lifetime, been unemployed this long.

My husband and I refinanced the house. That allows us to stay in our house where we’ve raised our daughter and made our home. He pays for it all now with his paycheck alone.

However, I know that my unemployment benefits have been the only thing to allow our family to continue to live semi-normally: I’m talking food on the table, my daughter’s school activities (like 10.00 field trips, mind you, nothing major), and things like co-pays for “select” doctor and dentist visits. We now have to put a number of medical things on the backburner and cannot take care of some needs. Don’t even talk about car or house repairs or vet bills, etc.

My unemployment will run out shortly. I’ve been giving myself pep talks since I lost my job, but I’d be lying if I didn’t acknowledge that I really am depressed and it’s getting so much harder to try and keep the faith.


From W.G.Jr. in NY:

Dear Ladies & Gentlemen:

I  W. G. Jr., native born American and Veteran of the USMC Vietnam Era have been unemployed over 99 weeks and my unemployment benefit have stopped.  Senior Mortgage Loan Processor was my Occupation for the last 10 years. After applying for any type office job since May, 2008 when my Mortgage Banker downsized, I remain unemployed.

New York City remains at 9.9% unemployment and I am 63 years old. However with all the younger people out of work, I have been given a low priority by The American Companies. I am in good shape and intended to work till 80+. How can American Companies outsource any job with Americans out of work, then the USA  imports heavily, lead based toys from China, then borrows heavily from China because they are the Country that’s progressing. How can we have a global economy if our local economy is down. What good is NAFTA to me, I can’t afford to buy anything without employment.    I have a wife & 2 daughters that started College. We are on the road to Destitution and losing the American Dream we worked for all our lives. I never thought this would happen to us as Americans.

Please help all of us and restore our unemployment benefit till we find employment. Please create good jobs & bring back our exported jobs, its Patriotic.

Thank You,   W.G. Jr.

At your service

From R.C. in WA:

To Whom it may Concern:

My name is R.C., and I am a long term unemployed citizen. I have 18 years of management experience with three of those years being executive management experience (meaning District Manager or above titles in a company). I have applied every day to positions from customer service, sales, training, management and even executive management. After all of my interviews the most common answer I do receive is for the none management positions, that I am too over qualified and for executive management they want more years of experience. In the store manager roles, some of them as well I get told too over qualified. I look every day for positions and apply to all that are available that I have any background in. I have not declined a job offer, none has been offered. I moved in 2008 from California to AZ thinking that the job market was better, with my 401k. I had not one job offer in AZ. My family moved me from AZ to WA, just in January, I have had the most interviews here so far, I have went to five but not a job offer either. I am married, with two children, my husband just a week ago got a full time job. He was not employed thru this time either, he also was actively daily looking for employment.

My unemployment ended the end of February. A little over a year ago, I did lose my car with just the unemployment it did not pay all the bills and the car payment. I am fortunate that my family can assist me for now so we are not homeless. For many with unemployment ended this is not the case.

I do not understand why there is not enough communication to the unemployed. We have hope that the government will extend benefits, but there should be very direct communication to the public, with good news or bad news. With little communication, it seems a huge lack of urgency in the US Government, the perception this creates to the general public is not positive. Getting state assistance in many states there is a very long wait for section eight homes and benefits sometimes are not given immediately, people have to wait, with zero income coming in. How do they feed their families.

I would appreciate a more sense of urgency, more communication. About this matter. In all my management experience, companies demanded urgency with important matters, with this effecting millions of American Citizens, I think we can request a more sense of urgency and more direct communication for this complicated matter.

Thank you for your time

From S.W. in MN:

Dear Mr. McDermott,

As a U. S. citizen I have worked and paid taxes all my life. In 2001 I was laid off of my job and had to struggle to keep my house, pay my bills and find another job. In 2002 I found a few part time jobs and finally in 2003 was back to full time work. It took me 3 years to pay off debts and get to zero again.

In August 2008 I was laid off of a job I held for 5 years because of the economic crash and the worries of a bail-out. I have been looking for a job for 1 and 3/4 years to no avail. I have had a few interviews but in several cases they decided not to fill the position. I have received unemployment checks until June 6th 2010. Now they say I have run out and will receive no more. Unemployment is what I use to pay my mortgage, utilities and buy food.

A Tier 5 or beyond is definitely needed to keep millions of Americans from losing their homes and going broke. From the reading I have done unemployment benefits stimulate the economy and we need that. If you need a way to pay for it stop the wars, stop the bail-outs to foolish bankers.

We need a Tier 5 and we need support to companies who hire and keep jobs in the United States. Companies who out-source should receive financial penalties if they expect to operate in this country.

Please act as a true representative of the vast majority of unemployed and working Americans. We need unemployment and real jobs not empty phrases about change. My father a World War II veteran told me about the 1st depression and how hard it was on families. We thought we had laws in place to prevent Wall Street from doing this to us again but those laws were slowly eliminated until here we are again. Re-enact Glass Steagall and keep the bankers from ruining this country.


From C.D. in CA:

Dear Committee Members,

I am writing to urge you to create a new Tier V federal extension of unemployment benefits or to extend the existing Tier V. I am extremely concerned as H.R. 4213 does not provide for an extension of benefits for the long-term unemployed who have exhausted their ninety-nine weeks of benefits.

I am one of those long-term unemployed; after working in the same position for the University of California, San Diego for sixteen years, my contract was simply not renewed—through no fault of my own.  I was four years away from a full retirement.  I am also a woman in my mid-fifties–one of the least desirable and employable categories in a state (California) with record high unemployment. Although I have a Master’s degree and over twenty years of teaching and administrative experience in university writing education, there are almost no jobs in my area and teachers are receiving pink slips even as I write this.

I, and others in my situation, desperately need your help. I have lived frugally on unemployment insurance, retirement savings, and regular savings while diligently looking for a job.  If it wasn’t for the generosity of my family, I would very likely be homeless or living in my car, assuming I still had a car.

I come from a working-class background, learned how to work hard, and put myself through both undergraduate and graduate school.  I have been a dedicated teacher, parent, and citizen.  I have worked since I was a girl, and have always had a job until recently.  In short, I have played by the rules, but now find that the rules don’t apply to me.

It is humiliating and degrading to find myself in this position, when I should be saving for retirement and helping my daughter through college. Instead, I (and others in my position) am the butt of jokes about how lazy and greedy I am for not working at jobs that don’t exist. I have written to almost every member of Congress, but only Dick Durbin bothered to reply. What I hear in the media from other leaders is that ninety-nine weeks is enough and I should be happy they are trying to create jobs; that sad sort of assurance doesn’t keep a roof over my head or buy my groceries.

Our government has funded two wars, bailed out Wall Street, and rescued the automakers; we are even providing bail out money to Greece, a country where workers can retire at fifty years of age!  Certainly we cannot turn our backs on hard-working Americans who find themselves without jobs even though they desperately want to work.  Please support a new tier of unemployment benefits to sustain those of us who are still looking for jobs and waiting for jobs to be created.


From M.D. in CA:

Senator McDermott

Chairman, Ways and Means Committee

I am one of the 9.9 % of the United States population who is unemployed and I have reached my limit of 99 weeks of unemployment compensation benefits.  I am terrified and I don’t know where to turn.  I have no money to pay my rent or my bills.

I need your help; I need the House and the Senate to provide additional Tier 5 emergency unemployment benefits.

Even though the US economy is beginning to show signs of recovery, the employment picture remains bleak.  I have applied for literally thousands of jobs and the very few replies that I have received have led to only rejection and no work.  I am not lazy, I want to work.  If I get behind on my bills, I will have bad credit and that will make it even harder to find a job.  I fear I will soon be on the streets without more unemployment benefits, I have no money to pay my rent.  Please help me and the many Americans who depend on emergency UC benefits as our lifeline to survival.  Now is not the time to cut these essential benefits that I paid into for over 25 years.  I have never been so scared and unsure of my future.

We need Tier 5 unemployment benefits now, please don’t forget about us.

I am begging you to add Tier 5 emergency UC benefits. I am asking for your compassion and consideration; it is the right thing to do.

Please Help

Please visit Rochester Unemployment Examiner to review unemployment information, data and details that you don’t find in the main stream media. You can also add comments about your current situation and what you think needs ot be done to improve the job market and unemployment benefits system. I hope to see you there.

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48 Comments to “Tier 5 and extended unemployment benefits: letters to Congress from the long-term unemployed (Part 3)”

  1. charlie says:

    History will remember what has happened to the ” Lost Generation ” of workers …We are becoming their future shame…Just as we have forgotten what happened to many that suffered through the ” Great Depression “…charlie

  2. Theresa says:

    This is the beginning of the end as we know it! we need to stay together and pray together people! we need to ask God for help thru out these tough times! keep the faith and hold on! we can not and we willnot let them take us out like this!!!

  3. Patricia Federico says:

    am hopeful that at some point Congress will recognize the pain they are causing millions of Americans, who have finished benefits, as long as we can keep the info in the news media and pressure congress. thank you

  4. B.W. says:

    I’ve been collecting NYS Unemployment Benefits since June 15, 2009 – almost a year now. Come July 6, 2010 (less than a month), my Tier 2 EUC benefits will cease, leaving me virtually penniless. My career ended abruptly in January 2009 shortly after the market tanked, but I relied on my savings for 6 mos. while diligently seeking gainful employment, as the mere thought of applying for unemployment made me sick. Finding another high paying job will not be a problem, so I thought. It never had been a problem before. Well, after exhausting most of my savings, I had no choice but to humble myself. I am an experienced professional with an MBA and a strong resume who, up to this point, NEVER would have imagined that my career track would be devastated to such a degree by economic circumstances beyond my control. I, like so many others, have applied for countless jobs and have sent out more resumes than I care to remember. I NEVER receive so much as an acknowledgement from prospective employers. In my desperation to secure ANY employment, I applied for several temp positions as an administrative assistant during tax season. I was told that I was overqualified, which was no surprise to me! In the meantime, I’ve been working on a business plan and will attempt to ‘start’ my own business in near future, hopefully by the end of September or October. I’m laying the groundwork now, even as I continue to seek FULL-TIME GAINFUL EMPLOYMENT. The additional benefits beyond my soon-to-expire Tier 2 assistance would greatly help me in the meantime. Can anyone tell me WHY I’m not eligible for additional benefits whereas several people I know have been receiving assistance well beyond 1 yr.? In fact, when I checked the online benefits calculator a few weeks ago, I’m certain my benefits were showing an expiration date of around August 14. But today it shows July 6, which will be only 60 weeks. Thank you and God bless.

  5. Jim O'Connor says:

    I have worked for over 40 years in the Information Technology arena and through no fault of my own I lost my job in 2007. Because of my age and expertise along with the area I live there are no jobs. I have sent out hundreds of resumes. I have had only four interviews. It was obvious that my age and my expertise was a negative factor. I would work in any job, but those hiring are not looking for someone with my age or my experience. It is so depressing after having my own company and working in government, banking, healthcare and Communication industry and successfully producing hundred of solutions to now come to this juncture.
    To have lost everything in these past three years after 40 years of working hard is depressing. I am no longer marketable! Here I sit with no options. Without Unemployment Benefits and I’m on the brink of losing our home that we worked so hard to have.
    I did not cause my plight. I am the causality of this “Great Recession”. What are we 99ers, who exhausted employment benefits to do? It is hard to believe that we are slipping through the cracks, forgotten and disappearing. We gave so much to our country and now we are treated as we are the plague to our society and are now castaways.
    I have read thousands of stories about so many who are suffering who want a job but there are none. We would prefer to support ourselves, but that opportunity has been taken from us. We no longer have control over our well-being and that is frightening and terrifying. Please help before we disappear- help us. We have given so much, now we need to ask for help, until this economy provides us with jobs. You need to ask- does it make sense for us who has worked our whole life to now live this way, by trying to pay our bills on 2/3 less then we made prior to losing their jobs?
    Please help us.

    Jim O’Connor
    9 Pine Street
    Port Allegany, Pa. 16743

  6. B.W. says:


  7. B.W. says:

    Chronic Joblessness Bites Deep
    Long-Term Unemployment Hits New High, Cuts Across Income Levels, Demographics


  8. Hey guys! Check out this website (www.40plusplan.com) and call me . . . I am one of the 99ers who is taking matters into my own hands . . . they are not going to help us . . . we have to take drastic measures . . . check out this website . . . click on the 40+ presentation and look it over and then email me at shirleywesley29@yahoo.com . . . It’s a movement! I don’t know what else to do but give this a try . . . if all of us work together we can make this work . . . look at it and email me and let me know what you think . . . homeless in the USA after 30+ years of working!

  9. Brian Cunningham says:

    I am also in danger of losing my home if TIER 5 is not put in place. I have been search for a job for over a year and a half now, and landed a PART-TIME job at the local WALMART making a huge $7.25 per hour. I see no promise for things to get better anytime soon. I hear how more jobs have been added, but not down here in Madison County, Alabama. My wife and I left New Jersey in 2008 to find ‘the promised land’ of north Alabama, but so far – nothing! We only have a $39,000 mortgage on our house, but we won’t have any income in two weeks if TIER 5 is not put in place!

  10. larry says:

    as i read these letters they are really and truly heartbreaking.most of have worked well over 20years at our jobs and now that we cant find work and our unemployment benefits are running out we have to BEG OUR GOVERMENT tohelp us.this day eventhrough i served my country as a marine makes me shamed to an american.our goverment is willing to let people die so that they dont add to the deficet.where are they getting all this money to send to palastine to greece to help their unemployment helping these banks and wallstreet bailouts with billions and billions of dollars. these are the same people who put us in this mess.where is all my money i paid intaxes and social security over the last 45years? can i get 233.00 aweeks of that, cause thats how much i lost.none of the senators who is holding up this bill i bet they dont have to worry about where there next meal is coming from they dont have to explain to their kids why there is nothing to eat,they probley throw away more food in one day than we can afford in one week.they say this is the greatest country in the world.why should we have to beg our goverment to help us.everybody is looking forward to november for reelections if i had my way i would vote them all out.there are enough of us unemployed hungry out of work people to make a change. thry may take away our unemployment but they cant take away our voice.

  11. Colleen says:

    I last worked early January 2008. I have been on 5 interviews in two years and my age or attitude must show because nothing has worked, most were at much lower pay of rate. I have collected tiers1-4 and eagerly await news of tier5 getting the yes vote. I have been taking money from my retirement IRA with federal and state taxes getting taken out, which doesn’t leave much after paying for food, mortgage, utility bills and I live in a townhouse. It’s been taking a toll on my retirement IRA. There’s enough people on welfare. My husband may recently have a job, but he’s uncertain if they will accept an answer from 20 years ago! The government gave money to the banks in the mortgage mess, why can’t we get tier5 approval! I recently went for job at $4.00 above the minimum wage job, when in 2007 I made 2.75% times that an hour. What has happened? I am losing hope.

  12. […] woman from Warren County, New Jersey, wrote: “I am (or was) a legal secretary with several years of experience (30+ years). … I have […]

  13. Matt says:

    You need to flood your congressman and senator’s phones and emails. I Did.

  14. Marianne says:

    I have been unemployed also for 18 months, I am 56 years old, noboby I believe wants to hire older people, I also have sent maybe 300 resumes, I have had only maybe 2 interviews, the one job I thought I might have a chance, I tried numberous times to connect with someone in the company, I never got a reply, I go to a Job Club once a week, the only jobs they seem to get a are manufacturing jobs requiring to be able to lift 50 lbs or more, I am 56 old female, I am not able to do that kind of work, I have worked since I was 19, this is a slap in the face for many people, we don’t deserve to be treated like we are lazy in trying to find work.

  15. phyllis Web-Long says:

    Please help this is my last chance I have contacted every public offical that I could I am not having any luck. I have been on unemployment since July 2008, I have 1 more week of unemployment left, then I will be left with nothing. You must listen to the people that have elected you into office and the people that have to pay the taxes. You know as well as we know that the unemployment rate is so high that it is almost imposible for you to get a job. I have applied for hundreds of jobs and have really only been interviewed for 15 jobs. I ask the people inter viewing me how many applications they receive for the position they tell me 100 to 150 they can not even interview that many people so most of the applicants are not even being called or interviewed. In Deleware the rate is over 9% which Is really a fake number it does not count the people that are self employed and do not have work and can not collect unemployment and it does not count the people whoes unemployment has run out and are no longer collecting unemployment I bet the real number is really 15% or higher. I really think that the goverment does this to make the numbers look low but we are not all dumb, I am in real need I need you to pass the Tier 5 unemployment the jobs we were all promised with the stimulus never happened, we bailed out banks, car dealers, other countries, and everyone else in the world that needs money know is the time to take care of the people of the United States. I am looking and have been looking for a job with no luck. No one is hiring they are working with less people or ave gone out of business. Deleware has lost most of it’s industry. I have worked in the costruction industry my entire life well we all know how that is (down the toilet). I am in the process of retraining. PLEASE DO YOUR JOB AND AND GET THIS EXTENTION PAST BEFORE JUNE 24 RECESS SO THAT I AM STILL ABLE TO KEEP MY HOME AND CHILD. I PRAY THAT YOU OR YOUR FAMILY DO NOT HAVE TO EXPERRIANCE ANYTHING LIKE THIS. I felt that I had a secure job I worked for the same company for 12 years one day came in job was gone. could happen to anyone. I need the TIER 5 extention KNOW!! Thank You Phyllis Webb-Long 302-684-4246

  16. To whom it may concern:

    The thing about it is no one is concerned. If the house can pass the tier 5 unemployment then why is it so hard for the senate to not even care about the American people. If we were in a foreign country you would not hesiate. What good are you!!!
    You are getting your pay check (more than you deserve.) As far as sending anything to the President you would not be able to find him (takes more vacations than any president we have ever had. But then again he has no authority to voice his opinion, since it is all left up to the senate…you don’t deserve your job if you can’t do your job….what good are you.

  17. Julia Jones says:

    I feel the pain of many other Americans. I have been unemployed since November of 2008. I have diligently looked for employment even trying convenience stores, etc. which is a big step down from the pay scale I am used to. But, it’s a job. There is not work available for all of the people that are unemployed. Today, I heard Joe Biden talking about the jobs that are suppose to start this summer. Roads construction etc. Well, they don’t usually hire women to run heavy equipment so what is going to do for me and many other women who are in the 50’s. Some of the men are even to old for that. What are they suppose to do?
    I purchased my home 3 years ago and due to my loss of job, I thank God was able to get my mortgage redone. I now pay half of what I was paying before. However, now without unemployment, I won’t be able to even make that payment and will lose my home. I had saving when I lost my job and went through that keeping my home going while I waited on the modification. Since you have taken my unemployment away, I don’t have the money to pay my light bill and insurance on my car. Then, how will I look for a job? I feel sure that none of you have ever had to go through this and I hope that you never do. Please reinstate the Tier 5 for all of the unemployed Americans. Please get some realistic job going. And, one last thing, ARE YOU HIRING? I have an associates degree in Computer Technology. I have extensive experience in database. I have been and ems dispatcher. I have worked in grocery stores and automotive parts stores. I also drove a school bus in high school. I have worked since I was 15 years old so Please call me as soon as you have an opening as I truly do want to work.

  18. michelle james says:

    Hello my name is michelle I lost my job four years ago I have been on interviews and constantly send out resumes. I went back to school to finish my degree still cannot get a job. My husband income is not enough to pay all the bills. We don’t want to just sit on unemployment we want jobs but these days its who u know not your experience. Companies are hiring their family and friends. It has really been a struggle for us please extend unemployment.

  19. I.Woes says:

    Ive been unemployed for almost 2 years. I’ve been searching diligently for a job, have been on scores of interviews and have applied to nearly 1000 jobs.

    I’m over 60, with a great work history, having helped many companies grow their businesses. This clearly is the most challenging economy I’ve ever encounted in my nearly 40 years in the workforce. The fact remains there are not enough jobs out there for all of us who are unemployed.

    To be punished for not having a job yet is a great cruelty…Congress not extending Tier 5 benefits is a great slap in the face…if there were a job available, I’d have one by now! I’ve been trying to start my own business, but right now I need to put food on the table. I’m willinmg to work for far less than I had been making just to keep afloat. I’ve spent my savings to not lose my home–I’ve got a 10 year old car for which I’m very thankful.

    I’ve been a productive, hard-working citizen of this country for all of these years and now have hit a brick wall. Congress–both Democrats & Republicans: Sure you’ve got to cut spending–but please not on the backs of Americans who are over 60, trying to get a job–and now cannot support their families through no fault of their own. Cut spending–cut taxes and give small businesses an incentive to create jobs.

    I am so very humiliated for having to communicate my desperate situation. But I’d do anything within my moral code to help my family survive. My first desire is to be hired and productive again; until then, we must eat and pay bills. Please, extend benefits and create jobs and all will be well. If not–I just don’t know what to do.

  20. John says:

    I have been on unemployment for almost 2 years and I have a family to support. My job closed due to no fault of my own.I am 44-years old and been working all my life. I don’t know what I am going to do because my house is now going up for Auction July 17th 2010. My wife,kids and I will soon be on Welfare because there are no jobs in Binghamton New York. I have never had to rely on the system before and I as a man will do anything I can to take care of my family. We are in need of a Tier 5 immediately.. Please take in consideration that I my life is totally misconstrude and I need help today!!! I am about to recieve my last unemployment check next week and I don’t know
    how I am going to feed my family…Listen it needs to be year-long help my fAMILY!!!

  21. Carol says:

    President Obama help the people! These Senators must enjoy making the American people suffer and worry. I hope the Democrats stick to what they stand for. I use to think it was for the people. It is coming to a point there is nothing to say except if Tier 5 is not passed it will be the Great Depression all over again. It is so stressful to be part of that count down. What happens to the people then. Government caused homes to be lost, jobs were lost, spent money like water and now sits in judgment of the common people who are the backbone of this country. Credit Card rates were so high and out of control no one could catch up. It seems they are only looking at the small amount of survivors in made up jobs or go by unemployment rates that go down because of people falling off of unemployment. Who do they think they are kidding. It isn’t the case with those of us that will be facing a waste land we once prided as America. It looks like we are going to be run over by the outside predetors because they are creating a weakness in the people. Instead of making it stressful and hard for everyone find a solution like some of the great Presidents did before. Maybe it is best to go back and try some of their methods to get us out of this mess. They brought the Americans to their feet during the worst of times after the war. Seems now politicians are greedy and want to make their mark no matter who it hurts and/or just plain don’t care. I’m so tired of their remarks and they are making me too tired. Create the jobs, bring down costs and help us get back to where we belong. For me without proper food or medical care and inability to pay rent, I might as will give up.

  22. Michael says:

    Our country like so many other “developed” countries has been and still is being repeatedly raped by the monsters of greed who continue their activities unchecked – the “checkers” are a part of the greed system. Does anyone really believe that they have any concern or bad concience for the damage they have done and continue to do? Big money and the inhuman monsters of ultimate greed are citizens of no country and care for no country or it’s inhabitants continued wellness once they have served their purpose; they are global vampires that have surrounded themselves by minions without ethics that are all too eager to do their bidding for 20 pieces of silver plus the enormous bonuses handed to them either overtly or behind closed doors (and cooked books) by their dark masters. In terms of true social values we have not advanced much (if at all) over many thousands of years and we remain the expendable serfs who live only to build greater wealth for those who already have a billion times more than they could ever need or spend. Greed is the disease that has ruined every empire throughout history and it will ruin ours too; it is too powerful a force to stop unless greater force is used against it and sadly such force will not be used since the days of true revolution belong in the history books. A pity, but a sad fact.

  23. Karen Robertson says:

    Alot of people have worked all their lives, and now when we need help it isn’t there. We need teir 5.

  24. Gayle A. Perez says:

    I have been unemployed for 2 years come July 21, 2010…and I have been on interviews and filled out ex amount of applications. No responses back at all. Now I am joining the 99ers I am on my last check June 20, 2010. NOw I don’t have clue where my funds are coming from. I have to wait 30 days before I can apply for welfare, food stamps, medicaid. Then I have to wait another 45 day before they approve. I just don’t know why they don’t give us a 5th tier because now there are millions of people on welfare assistance. So money is going to be spent somewhere. We do need a tier 5 no doubt. I am reciving phone calls but nothing is getting done…It is just a quota they have to fill..agencies does nothing at all…I have been to a few..and not a damn thing was done all talk..Well I just don’t know how I am going to pay for my next meal..or where it is coming from. I lived in Orlando Florida with hopes of a better life…and now I am back where I came from New York due to I can’t pay the rent because my unemployment was running out..so now I am on my last leg…Congress do something to save us americans…

  25. MIKE says:

    We need jobs now! Fraud, forgery, burglaries, thefts, stolen cars and crime is now at it’s highest! This is the beginning of the end if someone doesn’t do something about it now! Why are we regressing after so many years of evolvement? I’ve never, ever seen things this bad! I’ve worked consistently from the 60’s to 2008 and that should tell you something right there. I and so many others are the hard working people WHO GAVE THEIR LIVES FOR THIS COUNTRY and now America wants to turn their backs on us. The Democrats AND THE Republicans should get together in America’s time of need and start doing something about this economy. All you politicians might be comfortable in your mansions, but millions of American people who voted FOR you are starving! Unfortunately the people who run this country make sure they take care of themselves and their family FROM OUR HARD EARNED TAX DOLLARS, but these people keep on forgetting who voted them in there. The people who run this country should get a very big cut in pay. In fact they should volunteer their time and not get paid at all. The time is now for us to be heard! Give us jobs or give us TIER 5 AND OR A CONTINUOS UNEMPLOYMENT UNTIL THE POLITICIANS FIX THIS ECONOMY WHICH THEY DESTROYED!!!! WE NEED JOBS NOW!!!

  26. Brian Cunningham says:

    I’ve posted a comment 5 days ago, and wanted to add some items that I didn’t write at that time. I am 53 years of age, and have been an I.T. worker at a prestigious financial instituition for 21 years in good standing until the fiasco of 2008 and our company was bought out by another company. I have survived six layoffs in those 21 years due to my work ethic and dedication to my job, but after myself and THOUSANDS of others who lost their jobs STILL cannot find any full-time work. I finally managed to get a part-time job at WALMART making $7.25 an hour, and in danger of losing my home and car if TIER 5 is not passed. I have been working since I was 15 years old, and have filed THOUSANDS of job applications in the past year and a half. PLEASE – if anyone from the senate is reading these notes ( and I highly doubt THAT! ) then give us Americans who contributed to paying YOUR salaries for many years just a little more time in obtaining a decent job, at a decent wage before you take YOUR vacations this summer on your fancy vacations – courtesy of US!!!!

  27. Denise Vaughnes says:

    Please put tier 5 in place I have less than two weeks before I am evicted there is no food nor do I have income for medication for hypertention.it’s been two years since I have worked. If there are discrepencies work them out after the desperately needed assistance is put in place. Many of us that are Christians rebuke Satan in the name of Jesus. He is the author of confusion. God will make a a way for this tier to be put in place he said he will bless those who bless our nation and it’s people. come on with the blessing and Miracle Lord.

  28. Julie McNally says:

    I lost my job of 8yrs April 2009 I was a good employee very dedicated and loyal to my job and customers. I went back to college in 1994 and landed a job in banking in ’96. Since then I have worked 40hrs a week for the last 14 years. Now that I don’t have a job I have been sending out my resume daily waiting and praying that I will be hired at some bank. It is not happening and I can’t live without unemployment benefits that I have paid in for years in case something like this happened. Now that it has, I received the benefits for a year but just last week it ended with no warning. Now what is going to happen???? The unemployed didn’t ask to be unemployed it just happened. I am asking from the bottom of my heart that it be continued what else are we going to do. I have education and have started over in my life three times. With 2 children the first time and I went back to college and started over. I managed to get through that and worked very hard to get what I have. Now I’m 49 years old what am I to do without the help that I and so many others desperately need. Please extend the unemployment, PLEASE. Thank you for all your help.

  29. Julie McNally says:

    I lost my job of 8yrs in banking 4-09 and my unemployment ended last wk. I have started over 3 times in my life and managed to do that with 2kids. I’m 49 and have been sending out my resume daily, I’ve had a few interviews and still don’t have a job. I went back to college in ’94 with 2kids. I worked in banking for 14yrs what am I going to do with no unemployment? The unemployed didn’t ask to be unemployed. PLEASE extend unemployment without the help that I and so many others desperately need, I will lose everything that I have worked 40hrs a week for years to get. Thank you.

  30. Natalie Gilbert says:

    Denise I am in agreement with you!

  31. Amy says:

    We all seriously need a Tier 5 extension. I have heart problems/
    health issues in which limits what sustainable work I can perform /not perform.Congress, could you please have a heart and grant us this Tier 5. We all really need it especially in these economic times-So please out of the kindness/compassionate hearts please help us through this whole ordeal. We are all trying to seek for employment but the job market just isn’t hiring at this time!
    Please if you find it in your heart to help us all receive a Tier 5
    it would be much obliged and I would be eternally grateful for it. Thank you, for your time and consideration.

  32. L. C. McCLINTON says:



  33. Jack says:

    I am not going to get into the problems with jobs if there are milions out of benefits and more loosing jobs weither you are 99 weeks, 26 weeks, 43 weeks or 35 weeks their is a job issue. All unemployed need a new Tier or Tiers for an additional year with this economy and the delay tactics and stalls by the people who govern this country and caused jobs losses. It will take that long the way owners are hiring. We are soon be going out of summer with no progress. If ALL Unemployed are not provided a lifeline long enough to find work you will see increase of homes losses because of the previous delays. So do the right thing for ALL Unemployed add new tier or tiers to the bill for at least one year 20 weeks or 26 weeks are not going to be enough. And stop having the unemployment agencies not file people claims this is not right. This is showing fake numbers when ALL Unemployed can not be counted! Americans are wise to these tactics now. If something is not done for ALL Unmeployed with new Tiers it is time for Americans to rethink who should run this country!

  34. Dear all congress and senators.. Republicans and Democratics,

    We need jobs. This is a crisis. Everything we all worked for will vanish. I’ve worked straight for over 30 years and this is the first time anything like this ever happened. We need both parties to come together and help America. This is the country we love. We the people who are out of work are republicans and democrats. WE ARE THE PEOPLE THAT WANT TO WORK, BUT THERE ARE NO JOBS! When will anybody realize we are in a crisis that really needs attention! We want to work, but until then please pass TIER 5 UNEMPLOYMENT EXTENSION.
    We need to survive. We are the people who have been contributing for years to make this country continue. We kept this country alive for so many years and now the republican politicians are turning their backs on us. I vote republican, though now I will be thinking to change my vote, just like the other millions of people that are hurting.

  35. Judy Hosek says:

    I understand that many Americans are approaching the maximum extended benefit of unemployment totaling 99 weeks. I am one of these Americans, and I have been actively seeking employment to no avail. I am a 45 year old single woman who has been employeed for close to 30 years and consider myself skilled in many areas and has never had issue finding employment, until NOW. I fear not having any income to support myself and my home. More time is needed in securing employment. Please, I beg you to do all possible to see that benefits are extended to the end of the year.

  36. Ms Ella says:

    As I read through many of the posts, it was like reading my own story. WHAT CAN WE DO AS DISPLACED AMERICANS IN AMERICA? I too am a babyboomer, with 34+ years of experience in one industry, educated, unemployed, no more savings, facing foreclosure, now bad credit, and unable to find employment. Each day I surf the internet and every job search source, applying for jobs (any job). I have had 2 interviews in 12 months and was told by one person he feared hiring me would possibly mean I would have his job eventually…BULL. I have dumbed down my resume and nothing. This is truly new territory for many of us who have believed in the American Dream and a country where your dreams and goals could be realized. No longer is this true because there is NO REPRESENTATION IN WASHINGTON FOR AMERICANS… I am not a 99er yet, but my UI benefits ended 6/12/10. In the words of Sarah Palin, let’s REFUDIATE ALL THOSE IN WASHINGTON.

  37. ted says:

    The millions who are unemployed are Americans who have worked hard all their lives to make America stay alive. The people who are unemployed are your next store neighbors who are losing their homes, they are your parents, brothers, sisters, and your children who can’t have a normal life because there are no jobs. The people in office are soon to go on vacation July 30, 2010.
    We the unemployed can’t even go on vacation. The people in office will be going to many exotic places and will be eating the best of foods. We the people that unemployed will be hopefully eating out of cans of food. This crisis has to all stop here. We need jobs or we need TIER 5 CONTINUOUSLY….We will take no more disrespect from some of these republicans in office. We are all Americans, we the unfortunate unemployed are unfortunate enough because we were laid off from our jobs and no employer is hiring in this recession.
    This is not our fault. I was sick for weeks after I lost my job. The people in office see everything in rose colored glasses because their living high on a hog while we are suffering. This is no fun for the unemployed people of America, though we will have fun come voting time in November.
    We shall stand all together and knock out those who are against us. We the people who are unemployed love this country, we fought for this country, we cried for this country and now some of the people in office just want to turn their backs on us. TIER 5 UNTIL THE ECONOMY IS BACK TO NORMAL. WE DON’T DESERVE BREADLINES. WE DON’T WANT TO GO ON WELFARE! WE WANT TO WORK! THIS IS THE 21 CENTURY, 2010!

  38. L. Kelley says:

    I am afraid to start crying, afraid I might not stop. Applying for jobs and more jobs. I try to keep a smile but its really hard. I to am about to run out of benefits. I have not paid this months rent. I am looking for work god please help. I just want a job. Just to make enough to pay rent………….

  39. brian says:

    Its important that tier 4 is extened or put a tier 5 in till november

  40. hamid says:

    Its important that tier 4 is extened or put a tier 5 in till november

  41. jame says:

    Thia is America first country of the world super power of the world, what else but look at, it has no more power even to suport the people alot of people homeless no jobs look at economic, please get out of whitehouse and let those people are free or do something for people

  42. David says:

    I have question from congress do you have family do have feeling about people of america or I don’t think so otherwise you do something about the people who are run out benefits
    Do you know when you have no income how to live
    thanks for listen

  43. Todd Schweich says:

    I have been unemployed for 2 years. I have my B.A. from the University of Iowa and my MBA from Northwestern Kellogg School of Business (second behind Harvard). In addition, I have had a stellar career in high tech sales. There are absolutely no jobs out there for individuals with my strong background. I have even tried to secure lower level jobs to at least have some type of steady income to no avail. Employers will not hire me because they know it is a stop gap measure until I find something commensurate with my skill level. I am a 99er and need Tier 5 benefits in order to SURVIVE. Todd Schweich.

  44. Monique Batot says:

    I have been unemployed since July of 2008 and have lost my unemployment benefits (back in May 2010). Who am I suppose to turn to for help now? I have filled out numerous applications, sent out dozens of resumes, and yet..NOTHING!!! It must be nice to have a job in this economy and be able to put food on the table and most of all be able to sleep at night! I know that there is only so much the government can to do help the unemployed,but just imagine if you were in our situation….you would want your government to stand behind you and help! Please remember what this country stands for…The United States of America has always stood behind its people and should continue to do so. You cannot help someone else until you have helped yourself first. So we beg you to help your people in need first before you spend our hard working tax money on others anymore!!!!!

  45. Karen Anderson says:

    I have been laid off since March 2009 after working for 29 years for a large semiconductor company. I’m presently on tier 3 of unemployment my tier 4 will run out the second week of November 2010. At the first of 2010 I had to withdraw my retirement to help pay for my bipolar son’s and my cobra medical insurance. I have also exhausted all of it and my medical insurance went up the end of August to over $1,000.00 if I want to keep it. I also have health problems, but as a single mom can’t afford to continue cobra without the subsidy of which was stopped.. thanks. I and my son will be homeless within two months if tier 5 is not approved. Not only will I be homeless, but will lose everything me and my son have. I have my family that is not willing to allow us to move in with for they too are having problems of unemployment too and stuggling. Please I beg you let there be unemployment extensions until the unemployment crisis improves. As myself many are struggling and especially those with only one income. I have as well as many others applied to well over 300 jobs since last year and have not had one interview and usually don’t get replies back on the resumes sent out online. It is very depressing and stressful knowing that you need to support yourself and a child and can’t find anything. What do you tell your children that you are going to be living in a shelter or your car soon. My story is real as well as others on here. We all are stuggling to support our families. If the unemployment extensions tier 5 is not approved families will have no choice, but to go to welfare. So with that said the goverment will be paying out one way or the other so why not approve tier 5.

  46. Merri Comenole says:

    Wow, what else is there to add. We are begging for a Tier V, made to feel that we are lazy and greedy, holders of Mortgages, Car notes, college degrees, years of specific experience and we played by all the rules. I am 50 years old and I know I have been discriminated against due to my age, repeatedly. I have exhaused all monies, and everything I have had to borrow is at a whopping 21% + interest rate. While we pray for Tier V, how could it not be granted, even then 20 weeks will fly by, recovery cannot take place that rapidly. I truely feel that there is unseen genocide, suicide, and homicide as a result of this. We must practice at best 0 population, as I see it now, I will not even have grandchildren. I PRAY for all those with children and pets, I PRAY they do not take their frustration out on them. I PRAY for the children and the pets. For all the couples that have at least one good income in the family, please go volunteer and pray for those of us that cannot depend on another’s income.

  47. chrystal stipp says:

    Hello I am a 30 year old pregnant single mother of 2. I just got off the phone with unemployment to find out that i only have one week left of 264.00 when i went to claim my weeks there was only one week 2 claim. I have been unemployeed for over a year now and at eight months pregnant i am scared that I will soon be homeless. I have worked since i was 14 (no lie) I held my first job at MCAS Iwakuni Japan when my father was stationed there as a U.S Marine. I have worked so hard as a single mother as well as going to college in the mist of it. I have looked for jobs plenty of jobs, but there are no jobs and to add to it I am pregnant (liability) regardless of what the law says about descrimination. I hope,I pray someone of great power,humanity and courage fight for the people that cant. Fight for the people that are silenced and forgotten.

  48. jahdiel says:

    im 33 years old male i got 4 weeks left to clam,still looking for work its hard for me i have falmiy

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