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Yesterday’s UWAG 99er rally on Wall Street was a success regardless of the fact that amplification devices were not allowed. An energetic, determined crowd of about 100 staged the first organized 99er – benefit exhaustee – rally. I want to personally thank all the UWAG organizers; those that were able t attend the rally and those that supported the rally by contacting their representatives and media outlets. This was an important first showing that is bound to grow in strength as it moves forward.

Since amplification devices were not allowed at the rally, Ed Schultz wasn’t able to address the rally as he had hoped, but he did spend the time interviewing some 99ers and he took his commentary to a new level in his “Fired Up” segment last evening on his MSNBC Ed Schultz Show.

It is certainly worth your time to watch Schultz’s show to see his impassioned plea to help the long-term unemployed.

Ed Schultz has plenty to say about the rally and congressional inaction, and especially, Republican obstructionism:

Professional Americans who have been displaced by corporate greed and out of touch politicians” was how Schultz described the rally crowd.

He blasted the Republican party for numerous misdeeds:

The Republican Party has fought every jobs bill, every unemployment bill and every social safety net that the 99ers have looked for and Americans need.

Republicans care about the people inside these buildings on Wall Street; they don’t give a damn about the middleclass and folks that are out of work.

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I couldn’t agree more with Ed Schultz’s sentiments.  He was equally harsh on the Democrats for failing to push aside the Republican roadblocks to relief for the middleclass and the unemployed, but his sharpest jabs landed directly on the jaw of the Republican Party.

Thanks for your support Ed Schultz. You can contact Ed to thank him for his support at:http://www.bigeddieradio.com/emailEd/, or if you have a facebook account, you can visit the Ed Show at http://www.facebook.com/#!/edschultzshow?ref=ts

Annie Lowrey of the Washington Independent had a realistic view of the rally:

99ers Rally For Unemployment Extension

Despite its small size, the 99ers’ rally accomplished an important goal: It got the attention of the press, and advocates for the 99ers see the press as the key to creating pressure for legislation. “Two months ago, nobody knew who the 99ers were,” LaDona King, a 99er and major figure in the 99er netroots told me. “Everybody thought it was some city’s AAA baseball team.”

But with growing awareness, they hope, will come political action. To that end, a volunteer at the rally took journalists’ names and numbers, and ensured that any reporter wanting access to a 99er for her story got easy access to several. Late in the event, Ed Schultz — the MSNBC and radio host who has devoted countless programming minutes to the 99ers, and for that reason holds nearly beatific standing among them — stood in a pair of khaki shorts at the back, conducting interviews and shaking hands. (He planned to address the crowd, but could not because of the noise permit issue.)

According to the New York Daily News:

The 99ers took a stand on Wall Street Thursday.

A throng of desperate job-hunters — who’ve been out of work so long their unemployment benefits ran out — staged a protest rally on the steps of Federal Hall.

Are you going to tell us, President Obama and Congress, that our lives are not worth saving?” asked 99er Connie Kaplan.

She had to move in with her daughter in Astoria, Queens to survive and gets food from food banks.

The grassroots political group, which sprang up after jobless Americans started commiserating online, is demanding that unemployment benefits be extended to include them. Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) co-sponsored a recently introduced bill that would create extensions in states with unemployment rates of 7.5% or higher.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/ny_local/2010/08/12/2010-08-12_new_yorks_jobless_99ers_channel_anger_in_wall_street_protest_demand_unemployment.html#ixzz0wVCFOpzZ

Yvonne Fitzner attended the rally and was featured on a New York Daily News story that discussed the planning of the rally that was held yesterday.

“What’s wrong with our situation is if we were all in one long bread line, people could see our suffering,” said Yvonne Fitzner, 67, an out-of-work personal assistant whose unemployment benefits ran out in March. “We’re invisible.”

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/ny_local/2010/08/08/2010-08-08_99ers_looking_for_help_a_curse_becomes_a_cause_as_jobless_benefits_expire.html#ixzz0wVGzChng

Yvonne, you are not invisible any longer. The efforts of you and many others gave the 99ers a face that can no longer be ignored, Yvonne was also shown at the rally and was shown on the Ed Schultz Show saying “Where are the jobs?”  That’s the big question, Yvonne. Where are the jobs?

MSNBC’s Dylan Rattigan “Verdana”,”sans-serif””> also had a good 99er piece on his show yesterday:

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Keith Olbermann interviews an unemployed couple

Keith Olbermann also addressed long-term unemployment on hisCountdown show, but I was less impressed with this interview because it has the potential to be twisted by those that don’t support extending unemployment benefits.

While the person interviewed, Mike Hatchell, had some rational reasons for not accepting various positions offered him, such as $7.75 an hour offers, he acted as if he wouldn’t accept any job that didn’t pay near what he was making prior to job loss. Their sacrifice of giving up one car seemed rather minor, since everyone needs to cut back when they lose their steady job and paycheck. He also said that the reason why some machinists turned down work was that the jobs only paid $13 an hour. I know of many unemployed that would love to have a full-time job that pays $13 an hour plus healthcare benefits. This interview is not going to help 99ers and long-term unemployed who need additional benefits.

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

I may be a little harsh about this interview, so please give me your opinion. Was this a helpful interview or one that could be twisted by those that oppose extending unemployment benefits?

FOX News slams unemployment benefits

Cavuto: Protesting for More Benefits

An absolutely cocky Neil Cavuto on Fox News said that “everyone wants an check,” everyone being the unemployed, car buyers, home buyers, etc. He offered no solution, but he bashed the system as it stands. I some regard he is absolutely correct. I thought ‘Cash for Clunkers” was a reward for the least responsible drivers. It rewarded those that drove gas hogs and it punished those that drove responsible vehicles. But unemployment is different, since jobs are not being created in the numbers needed to put nearly 8 million people who have lost jobs back to work.

You need to know where the enemy stands, so you can deal with the criticism and fight back. Their FOX News poll showed that their viewers are 90.5% against extending unemployment benefits.

While most stories painted a good picture of yesterday’s rally, there were so others that weren’t so generous. If the worst news comes from FOX then it can be considered a successful rally.

President Obama cuts a check for $3 billion to help unemployed homeowners

The Obama administration announced Wednesday that as part of an effort to stabilize housing markets it will send a $3-billion lifeline to jobless homeowners struggling to make mortgage payments.

Tapping into resources from the $700-billion Wall Street bailout, the Treasury Department will add $2 billion to its Hardest Hit Fund, assisting the 17 states that have unemployment rates higher than the national average, along with Washington, D.C.

I’m not sure how many reputable banks will be negotiating with unemployed homeowners to lower their payments, but unless unemployment benefits are extended indefinitely how is it possible for banks negotiate knowing that those benefits could end any day. Mr. President, the country needs jobs. While this $3 billion is likely to help some, if it’s anything like the other housing bailout schemes, it won’t help many.  Spending $3 billion on jobs creation would have been money better spent.

It was a very busy news day for the 99ers – benefit exhaustees. That’s a major victory on its own, since without media attention, Congress will not act responsibly or quickly for the long-term unemployed. Keep contacting your congressional representatives and media outlets.

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16 Comments to “99ers rally for jobs and Tier 5 is successful thanks to UWAG, Ed Schultz, and rally participants”

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  2. Unemployed 1207 says:

    Just watched the video of the Hatchells and these people looked anything BUT struggling and Mrs. Hatchell’s smirky head bobbing made her quite the unsympathetic character.

    The real problem with airing this segment is that Mr Hatchell now DOES have a job and has proven the GOP’s accusations that ‘the unemployed’ are holding out for jobs that pay a lot.

    On top of everything I CAN NOT BELIEVE that Mr Hatchell would be stupid enough to PUBLICLY blabber about all the jobs he’s turned down!!! What was he thinking??? Running off at the mouth like that can only HURT the long term unemployed!!! The media will spin this negativity like a dervish, the GOP has already used it as ammo against suffering Americans, the people who have already lost everything feel betrayed and sold out by one of their own and the DEMS may now hesitate on any plans to help those who have exhausted benefits!

  3. J.A. says:

    In reference to the couple who did not seem to be struggling, and those 99ers, and we know there are always a few bad apples, that may wrongly and illegally be abusing UI benefits…
    Any cross section of any given population will contain a variety of individuals, and will most certainly contain some who we wish were not among us, but that’s life, and it is hardly representative of the majority of the 99er population.

    I seem to remember a person, more then one, REPUBLICANS, who at a protest against allowing all Americans equal access to basic health care, held a massive sign showing our President, represented with NAZI symbols, and references to HITLER..

    Now following the same logic the conservative press is using to evaluate groups, this horrifying display defines ALL REPUBLICANS as RACIST, BIGOTED, HATEFUL, NARROW, ILL-INFORMED, LIARS, as they referred to the wonderful inclusion in our Health Care bill that means if, or when, my CANCER becomes clearly terminal, or could be, and I wish to speak to consult my doctor or another qualified professional to openly discuss my options and help me through that difficult time of overwhelming decisions, my family will not have to worry about that bill, because my country has thought ahead, and eased my burden, by allowing such a visit to be included in my coverage.
    Now THAT’S a sign of a sensitive and civilized society.

    REPUBLICANS, however, likend this to President Obama sending seniors to the gas chambers.
    No, of course it doesn’t.

    ALL groups have less then desirable members, or members who do not represent the majority well, don’t they?
    Let’s stop apologizing for those few individuals among us who are not behaving or even appearing as we wish they would.
    It is entirely clear, with the most modest of research, to ascertain that the majority of the 99ers have worked hard, and been largely contributing members of society.
    Even more upsetting, the 99ers who are doing the worst, no longer have a voice. I only have internet because a friend paid the bill so he can stay in touch with me. I am on the brink of eviction without anywhere to go, as I am behind 3 months on rent.
    My landlord is unusual, and kind. But if the bill that may go through does not include the state of Washington, or does not allow ANY retroactive payment, I will be among the homeless or dead.
    Most 99ers who are like me, have already gone over the edge, and lost their roof. If they are like me, and have nobody and nowhere to go, they are on the streets, or dead, as I may be.
    Though some have held on, so many more are gone, invisible, unable to get to the internet, beaten down to the point of suicide, and without the strength to speak and fight.
    PLEASE, I could go, anytime, and I BEG all of you to remember me if it happens, and remember you are fighting for those who have become invisible and voiceless.
    Remember them, because for every couple who makes television and gives an interview, there has to be at least a big handful already on the streets, contemplating suicide, or lost to the haze of drugs and alcohol.
    Thanks for listening to the big ramble.

  4. char says:

    The Matrix * get unplugged*


  5. Char says:

    Some information how to get unplugged vote Ron Paul and his on Rand Paul for US Senate in Nov. Many people are asleep and have no idea what is happening I know this for sure when I spoke with a regular customer service rep for Quest phone services she cut my bill by 15.00 there are some good people out in America. We need to support our country and its people and vote all of the Republicans and more out of office. Just my thoughts


  6. jerseycityjoan says:

    I think message control is hard and not sure the effort put into it will have lots of payoffs. Most people who think the longterm unemployed are lazy bums will continue to think that way, whatever you say. The fact that for every job in America there are 5 unemployed — so that only 20% of the unemployed can be employed, at most, at this time — is a concept that they do not wish to be true and will do all they can to resist believing it can be true. This is not just a conservative bias either. I see lots of liberals leaving comments at nytimes.com saying how can anybody be out of work for two or more years, fast food joints are always hiring. The fact that many people are competing now for these entry level jobs and that unless another adult is in the house working that minimum wage is not enough to sustain anyone paying their own rent evidently hasn’t occurred to them yet.

    I did not see the guy on Olbermann but I did real article that mentioned him. He went on at some length to explain why he turned down such a low paying job, but he did end up taking a job at another auto parts store. I assume that one was paid much less — his unemployment was around $450 a week, so he would have been making in the $40,000s I think — but at least it was better than minimum wage and a few coins, I guess. The company looking for machinist in my view is suspect, since before the article ended, it mentioned they were using temps. I think maybe the $13/hr jobs were temp jobs, which can screw up your renewed claim and vastly reduce next year’s unemployment checks and of course temp jobs don’t offer benefits.

    So you may be hasty in condemning this guy, although it may be the impression that he and his wife left was not what you’d like.

    But then in the NY Daily News they used as an example someone who is 67 — who could put in for Social Security and get a nice check plus qualify for Medicare. Lots of younger middle aged people would love to have the options this woman has, yet she was held up (inaccurately) as an example of the desperate plight of the 99ers without resources and abandoned by government.

    I think the main thing is to keep plugging and not get hung up on the details. When 99ers are getting lots of media attention, it won’t seem to matter so much what each individual story is.

  7. Unemployed 1207 says:

    What I can’t figure out is WHY Keith chose this family to interview? If he really wanted to help the cause of the unemployed, he blew it. Poor choice.

  8. layofflist says:

    Thank you for your comment. I agree with your assessment of the person who turned down a few jobs, but it’s all in the presentation and I felt it didn’t put the long-term unemployed in a good light. I wouldn’t expect him to take a minimum wage job after 30 years of experience, but I felt there were a few more details he could have offered that would have made his argument more convincing. I know that’s hard to do in a five minute piece and Keith could have done a better job with his questioning. All the best. Mike

  9. oldandoverqualified says:

    Mike, I see the time of your comment as 2:47am. I’m afraid you’re becoming a zombie….get some sleep already. Oh, and thanks for all you’re doing.

  10. layofflist says:

    I think the time stamp isn’t working properly, but thanks for being concerned about me becoming a zombie. 🙂

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  12. Haley says:

    This is beginning to be a joke now on the Unemployed and America! But we continue to drag our feet and hope something will happen to support you by all who you voted for. Where is the media on this time and time agian on variuos sites say this ? They just run more and more ads on Healthcare, Drugs and not something positive. You can call it negative or not if ALL Americans including unemployed do not see what is happening they really are lost. Recently a S3706 Bill was introduced while milions and millions out of a lifeline and not getting any help while most all media ignores this issue. What has gone wrong with this country. This Bills sits with no congressional action while people continue to fall off lifeleine and fall deeper into trouble. It promotes a job tax credit as well as additional 20 weeks lifeline and other job growth incentives that should have been done months and months ago. If someone brings this up your negative. This type of political tactic is not going to get things done. Has it before ? Wake up if ALL Unemployed or Americans do not stick together it is our own making. The economic outlook is not any better no matter if your working or not. Until jobless rate gets back to normal levels and we straighten up in this country it will not be better. By the time this Bill gets worked on their will be more exhausted and they will need additional help. It sould have been for at least for ALL Unemployed 52 additional weeks with these delays, blocks, playing games, etc. the President said it months ago. What Happened!

  13. mjb says:

    We need a mass movement of ALL unemployed/underemployed/poor. Even those who have jobs are feeling the brunt of this Great Recession/Depression and unable to speak up for their rights, because someone is there to replace them on the job if they complain. Stick together for ALL working people. We are NOT the millionaires. We are human beings who NEED to work to achieve life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Is there a lawyer out there who will take on a class action lawsuit against Congress for failing to take action as per their job description?

  14. Jack says:

    I am a 99er. I would have and will gladly accept any job,I am 64,am losing my place to live next month,I have pounded the pavement,called everywhere showed up in the rain,the snow,heat etc for a job where many came,so very hired. I am a father a grandfather,a Veteran. I have worked for nearly 50 yrs,my SS will never pay my bills,when I collect it. I do not want handouts,I want to work. I need to work. I also need to make a living wage so I will not be forced to live in my car or a shelter.Would an extension help? Of course it would,I could know I can live in my apt for at least a bit longer. So please,do not associate me with the above referenced couple,Please do not call lazy,But please do call me an American in trouble and needing some help.

  15. Fritz says:

    From what i understand the 99ers are Not getting an extension.
    If i’m wrong please let me know.
    I saw it written today for the 1st time in several places (Associated Press & WSJ) and I confirmed with the people at http://WWW.Labor.gov.
    That’s messed-up. all along they were touting Long-Term unemployed but were ambiguous and or Misleading as to what their intentions were. I read that it’s estimated 1.5 million people will lose it and it goes exponentially from there.
    It’s a Shame. Clearly it’s a failure on their part.

  16. layofflist says:

    You are correct. 99ers WON’T receive any additional benefits in the just sign unemployment extension bill.

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