This week The Dylan Ratigan show kicked off the last leg their Steel on Wheels tour with a three-day Energy Summit.
From the show: March 31 we will be streaming our Town Hall panel live from Oklahoma State University at 8PM EST / 7PM CST.  We’ve gathered a great group of panelists to discuss the topic of energy in what we know will be an interesting and provocative discussion.

Panelists include:

· Boone Pickens, Oil Tycoon & Founder, BP Capital Management
· Ashwin Madia,
· Bob Deans, Associate Director of Communications, Natural Resources Defense Council
· Former CIA Director James Woolsey

Watch live streaming video from dylanratigan at

A little off topic for The Layoff List, but energy is such an important subject and Dylan Ratigan is such a big supporter of the little guy that I feel it’s important to post this information.

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