The following White House petition was written by Bud Meyers who is an advocate for 99ers and the long-term unemployed. He writes his own blog at that is worth a read, since he is so close to the action surrounding the unemployment crisis facing this nation.

Please take the time to read and sign the following petition. 5000 signatures are required for this petition to receive the attention of the White House. Your signature will go a long way to helping out millions of long-term unemployed. Click on this link to view the petition.


Extend unemployment benefits past 99 weeks for ALL long-term unemployed Americans – for the 99ers and ANY “exhaustee”

Very soon an estimated 10 million Americans and their families will have exhausted all 99 weeks of their unemployment insurance benefits (or whatever their State’s maximum qualifying weeks were). Please extend these benefits past 99 weeks for ALL long-term unemployed Americans, especially for the “99ers” and any “exhaustee”, until there are enough jobs available. Because of age or physical imitations, many can not be expected to pick up a shovel. Many have already been without any income at all for a year or longer and barely subsist on food stamps. The 99ers and “exhaustees” can no longer wait for 14 million jobs to gradually come online over a protracted period of time. We’ve waited as long as we could.

Created: Sep 22, 2011


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7 Comments to “White House petition to extend unemployment benefits to 99ers and the long-term unemployed”

  1. The reality of American life is that there are not yet any jobs out there for people to apply for. Unless you want hordes of homeless and people dying in the street, you must extend unemployment benefits until you fix the problems. As you greedily take money from the companies and banks who caused this problem, you have a moral obligation to act.

  2. Louis Slade says:

    I wish you good luck on getting all of the signatures required for this petition to get recognized. We’re living in an interesting time wherein our communities need to stick together, more than ever, in order to achieve our goals.

    Louis Slade
    Email Marketing Company

  3. mark says:

    their is alot of unemployed people that have lost their benefit i wonder why they didnt sign your petition to extend benefits to the long term unemployed.

  4. Deb says:

    Isn’t an UI extension in the American Jobs Act? Maybe that is what we need a petition to pass the Jobs Act?

  5. layofflist says:

    There is an unemployment extension in the AJA but it doesn’t include any benefits for those who have exhausted all benefits. It won’t help millions who have not found work and no longer have benefits.

  6. Jules Manson says:

    Do you have a direct link to the petition site? Your links only sends us to a We The People page for creating petitions.

  7. layofflist says:

    The petition has closed. There are likely other petitions for the long-term unemployed that you can sign.

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